Apr 05

Why to Visit Slovenia?


Everyone’s got their dream trips, bucket lists, and European to do lists. They often include the Eiffel Tower, the London Bridge, The Colosseum and other renowned attractions. Have you ever wondered what else is out there? In our travel experience, the highlights are surely worthwhile, but traveling can take you places you never thought existed and Slovenia is a travel destination that makes a life long impression on the roads less traveled. 


Efficiently packed:

The most wonderful aspect of Slovenia we find every time we visit is the amount of variety packed into a relatively small area. 50km of electric blue seacoast, the majestic Julian Alps, Medieval cities and castles, pristine rivers and forests, and quaint towns are just the beginning.


Active and healthy:

Slovenia is a place where wellness, health and outdoor activities are primary virtues. We’ve indulged in the opulent spas and wellness resorts in the sea towns of Piran and Portorosse. The Slovenian Mountain Trail has taken us from Maribor, through the mountains all the way to the Adriatic Sea. Even the Via Alpina which passes through six Alpine countries has its routes through here. Health is celebrated with the abundance of thermal spas and fresh diet inspired by the landscapes and climate.


Unforgettable Views:

While the museums, churches, restaurants and hotels in the country all share a lot about national culture and hospitable charm, our favorite places are the outdoors. Slovenia is the adventure tourism capital of Europe. Lake Bled with its island church, crystal clear waters and mountain backdrop is as equally unforgettable as the Eiffel Tower. The valley views of Gorenjska are truly alpine and the  towns along the Adriatic coast like Izola offer another world of maritime relaxation. Ljubljana the capital is a welcoming city which feels more like a friendly castle town than a formal capital.




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