Who we are

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About Us:


Everything you see here at Traveladept.com comes from a couple of guys who met in college, starting tackling the world one trip at a time and have amassed lots of life experiences as well as visited 120 countries between ourselves.


Matt: is a high school educator from the USA who loves farming, running and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. He enjoys new places and people and particularly destinations with great wine traditions!


George: is a medical student who has lived in seven different countries (currently Costa Rica) he is very curious and is always looking for new ideas about the world especially when he finds himself in his favorite settings: mountains and nature.


Somewhere along the line in our travels we decided it would be good to start saving travel information, tips and experiences. Some research we found after scouring the internet for hours and some we just didn’t know till we got to the destination. Discovering new places has left us with great impressions and good info to help travelers with similar itineraries or plans, so that’s why we launched Traveladept.com


While we are passionate about travel, hotels, airlines and everything in between, we are not actually professional travelers, nor professional web developers (you should have seen our first website!). We have our own careers which is our main source of financing for our trips as well as revenue we receive from organic publicity in our website from standard channels such as adsense and CJ. Our fascination with travel is our self-proclaimed: “full time hobby”.



Beyond the practical assistance our site gives to questions people have before they go, We strive to teach people more about traveling the world, we want to offer tools to expand their horizons and to create informed and discerning travel expectations.



We’re always happy to hear from you and answer your questions: contact@traveladept.com