Nov 25

White Nights and Scarlet Sails festival St. Petersburg, Russia



Some of the best festivals in the world are those with a long running traditon focused around some of the most enjoyable and climactic times of the year. St. Petersburg Russia is already a stunning city in its own right and its high level of latitude puts it at a unique juncture for about a month every year in late May and Early June as summer begins.


Called the White Nights festival in short, the annual period coincides with the oncoming summer solstice, it is not a unique phenomenon to this city alone, but it is one of the most populated, romantic and scenic towns at this latitude and thus it is the place to be for the glowing effects of the midnight sun. Locals as well as tourists celebrate the undying light by staying up late, taking to the streets for festivals, concerts, café’s and strolls. With everyone and anyone staying open after hours it is a time unlike any other to see the city in full swing while everyone has freetime.


The city is at the height of its prowess with all night parties, music and literal dncing in the streets. The harse winter being over, the citizens of the world’s most northerly city with a population over one million have cause to celebrate. It should be known to tourists that hotel get very expensive and full, but luckily dates for each years festival are announced far in advance, so booking early can help offset cost.


Public displays such as Mock battles, fireworks and the ceremonial Scarlet sails event are all part of the action. This displayed ship is the mark of the closing ceremonies on the Neva river which is routinely attended by over 1 million viewers. Orchestral displays at Mariinski  theater, ballets and classical opera are at full tilt during this time which makes this festival of outdoors equally approving of the finer arts indoors too. Four lounging around in the parks and gardens be sure and try morozhenoe and arbus basically an ice cream and melon combination which are the more popular foods to enjoy with warmer weather.


The white nights is saturated with the Russian spirit of Nostolgia and Romance. It is a time to be in love and to spend hours at the various parks, palaces and lakes that surround St. Petersburg. Be sure to head out to the summer palaces of Peterhof, Lake Ladoga or Komarova Beach in the gulf of Finland. Any and all rustic escapes can allow one to experience the late night sun with the beauty of almost tundra like terrain.




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