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Where to get jet set travel and leisure activities for less: Part 1



Some of the most important components of any trip are the activities we partake in at the destination. These activities are unique experiences in each country that can make a trip worthwhile or not. In order to enjoy top notch activities like spas, cafes and wine tastings one doesn’t always have to go to the A list spots, some research can take you to an equally enjoyable experience in a country or city far from the cliché destination and thus give better prices.


1 – Spas in Thailand

Spas are a hot commodity in the world today, and nowadays one can find some places so wonderful that anyone could relax comfortably while entire days slip by. In any mid-sized city of Thailand you can find at least a good spa at great rates. In Bangkok there are dozens of these establishments all over the city. Obviously the quality can vary, but take for example the diplomatic district, one of the most exclusive sectors of the country. Here you can choose from many luxurious spas. The price of a treatment such as an aromatic massage for example, which includes one solid hour with a foot washing costs no more than fifteen or twenty Euro in the most expensive locales.


2 – Spend the afternoon in an elegant, French-style cafe

Perhaps the first image that comes to mind when thinking of Paris is that of those beautiful cafes where couples and families spend the evening enjoying all the delicacies such places serve. What is enticing above all the thought of relaxing in a place of good taste. Unfortunately, Paris is a very expensive city. But what if we change our locale to at Tunis? This is a former French colony whose cities retain that beautiful Parisian air. Particularly in the Habib Bourguiba Avenue in the beautiful capital, Parisian buildings house some of the best cafes and restaurants in town. Many cafes also appear in the picturesque coastal villages. A particularly charming place with unparalleled panoramas of the sea is Sidi Bou Said.



3 – Wine tasting in Georgia

The oldest vineyards in recorded history have been found by archaeologists in the Caucasus nation of Georgia. This says a lot about the fame and value of the winemaking tradition that continues till this day in that country. For those who enjoy wine they will find that Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia is a wine paradise. Here in the cradle of wine, there are plenty of bars that sell some of the most prestigious wines in the country. Many shops are found throughout the city. Visiting one of these fine places is an experience and we recommend to travelers to put aside a full day for the experience. Each of these famous cantinas offers wine sampling of dozens of varieties for free!

4 – Canopy tour in Costa Rica:
A canopy tour is one of the main magnets attracting the attention of tourists, but like other activities here it can be costly. Recreo Verde is one of the best kept secrets in Costa Rica. Located in the north of the country about three hours from the capital it is a real paradise. The canopy consists of metal wires hung above the trees, and here it costs no more than $20. Besides the heavenly canopy tour set amidst tropical jungle, there are practical earthly benefits too. There are cabins to stay in for very low prices and what’s better; there are several natural hot springs nearby.



5 – Mountain hotels in Poland


For nature lovers there is no better way to be able to disconnect from everyday stress than to go for days away at a cabin in the mountains. This is something that can be easily achieved in Poland without putting a serious drain on your wallet. The region is known as Zacopane. It is about two hours from Krakow in the Tatra Mountains. Zacopane offers unbeatable panoramas and excellent accommodation opportunities that stand among picturesque cottages. The prices here are incredibly accessible. Topping it all off are the nearby ski resorts which are among the best in Poland and some of the most affordable in Europe.


Part 2 of this list can be found here.


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