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What to see and do in Whistler, Canada



Situated 75 miles North of the pristine city of Vancouver in the raw and rugged reaches of British Columbia, sits the mountainous towns and mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb. This well known destination provides the largest ski and winter sports area in all of North America hosing over 7,000 acres.


Getting In:

The ski and snowboard resort town of Whistler Blackcomb is surrounded by the beautiful walls of a river valley. Visitors are advised that one of the best methods of arrival is by driving from Seattle or Vancouver. The road is called the “Sea to Sky” Highway and it offers one of the best and most scenic driving routes in all of Canada.


Skiing and Snowboarding:

The town and slopes have their respective appeals in summer and winter, but most especially in winter with the sports possibilities. Whistler has the highest lift at 7,160ft followed by Blackcomb, they are steep verticals. There are over 200 marked trails as well as over 30 lifts and three glaciers in the vicinity. The slopes are world class as attested to by the experiences of athletes and the upgrading of facilities when it hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Resort Town:

The city of Whistler takes its name from the shrill sounds made by marmots living amidst the mountain rocks. It is a reminder that for all the charms and precious looking incites of the town, the mountains encircling it are as wild and raw as they have always been. The resort style village of Whistler has its to see and do. The architecture is a modern alpine style which extends from homes, to shops to apartments and the many luxury brand hotels who have a presence in the area. Nicely enough the town is not just an over the top elite spot. There are restaurants, hotels and shops for every type of budget big and small. The town has a lot of free and enjoyable services. There is free public transport, live music and complimentary guided tours of the village. Spas and well being facilities can be found in abundance too.


Overall impression:

The nice thing about Whistler is that one doesn’t have to sacrifice the comforts of civilization to play in the heart of the mountain wilderness. The town has a village style atmosphere but all the stores, restaurants and amenities of the big city. Meanwhile just a few steps away one can plug into vast hiking trails, fast downslopes and panoramic views of dominant mountain peaks. There is abundant nature to be observed here as well as many museums, archives and curiosities which showcase the longstanding character and history of the town.




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