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What is new in Manila? The capital of Philippines is once again top in the list of travelers for 2015

The amazing skyline of Makati as seen from the luxurious Raffles hotel

The amazing skyline of Makati as seen from the luxurious Raffles hotel


There are many fantastic cities in Southeast Asia, from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur tourism is bringing an age of prosperity and positive cultural exchange for these destinations. It seems that during the last years Manila was behind, but lately the capital has gone through a huge economic bonanza, and once again tourists are including Manila in their travel plans, there is a lot of new and old things to see and experience. Here are some of the reasons why to plan a trip now to Manila.


Better and more affordable international connections: with the new wave of prosperity many international airlines are flying here now, offering an expanded network of connections and more affordable plane tickets. It is fair to say that Ninoy Aquino Airport does not share the same flare and amazing factor of the airports in other capitals of the region, but some improvements have been done in recent years.



The amazing accommodations at the newly opened Fairmont in Manila

A haven for shopping: from inexpensive souvenirs to luxury brands there is something for all in Manila. Ayala Malls in Makati is a series of shopping centers where Glorietta features more family friendly and affordable stores and greenbelts is the home of expensive signature brands such as Prada, Ferragamo and many others. Several new shopping centers are scheduled to open soon in Manila.


An affordable destination: In comparison with other metropolis’ Manila is a very affordable destination, hotels offer very good rates, public transportation is cheap and food is inexpensive.


Some of the best Luxury hotels opening: After years of not seeing an opening Manila has welcomed amazing new hotels in the last months from the Marriott, to Fairmont, the ultra-luxurious Raffles, and the beginning of 2015 saw the opening of even more properties such as Hyatt and Nobu, other hotels are in development including the new Mandarin Oriental and the Conrad.


A paradise for foodies; It is a city to please the senses. Street food is a mix of spanish, asian and even arabic traditions. Upscale restaurants bring the best of international tendencies and fusion cuisine. In the last year even some restaurants were included in several lists among the best of the world.


A great cultural and historical heritage: Not everything that is attractive in the Philippines is new, this is a capital with great heritage and so many places not to miss, starting with Intramuros, the walled city with many old churches and ruins, and some of the best museums. Manila has been for centuries in the crossroads of trading and the fingerprints from cultures from around the world are evident in the past and the present of the city.


New impressive casinos and integrated resorts: A tendency that have been seen in other Southeast Asian countries has arrived now to Manila. Resorts World opened months ago with shopping, lodging and gambling. This February was the official launch of City of Dreams an impressive complex with upscale hotels, gourmet dinning, an amazing casino and more luxury shopping. Both integrated resorts are just minutes away from the international airport.


The main lobby at the Raffles Makati

The main lobby at the Raffles Makati

Pictures courtesy of Raffles and Faimont Hotels

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