Feb 15

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Dubai The Palm Jumeira



The global expansion of Waldorf Astoria properties in recent years has showcased some of the best the hotel industry has to offer. This is certainly true in one of the newest openings as of March 2014, The Dubai property at the famed Palm Jumeira.


First impressions:

The hotel is located on the Eastern Crescent of the Palm shaped island. That means driving up the central trunk and rounding the right hand curve almost to the end. At first glance it is a shimmering white superstructure. The hotel gives the feeling of grand spaces and a generous desert palace.

The valet is included for any guests. The check in area is carpeted and furnished which make it cozy and inviting amidst the grand expanses of marble, sculpture, metalwork and chandeliers. We found the staff to be courteous and efficient.



The suite to which we were upgraded was massive. Decor was a blend of marble bathroom floors and walls, wooden floors, double width balcony with a view of the Burj al Arab, couches, tables and an oh so soft bed. The inbuilt technology was superb from the sound system, to docking stations to the Espresso machine. Fine soaps and bath products were a crowning effect on everything. One inconvenience was the fact that every switch stays illuminated with an LED backlight even when all lights are turned off, it is like having too many night-lights in one room and disturbed sleep.



Since the hotel is situated on the East Crescent, the beach is certainly a main attraction. The area facing the beach has restaurants with indoor and outdoor settings, an overhanging balcony for loftier lounging and a relaxing pool with private tents, full sun chairs and pavilions for changing, relaxation, jacuzzi and manicured gardens. The beach is full of water-sports activities.



There are a total of 6 restaurants and bars on variant themes. The hotel includes a lounge which is reserved for guests who book specific rooms. The gym has absolutely brand new equipment that is tailor made for the hotel. A welcoming trainer, spotless environs and sharp equipment make for a pleasant experience.

Overall this hotel looks like superb, like a museum or a palace. Beauty is found in its public and private spaces. Service is friendly and quick overall. Some channels of communication between hotel departments seem to be lacking. This is a memorable stay for a visitor to Dubai and that’s an achievement with so much competition.




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