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What to see when visiting Guatemala


Natural beauty, millennial old cultures, colonial cities and delicious food comes together in Guatemala. There is a lot to see in this little Central American country. There are great hotels and wonderful restaurants. The capital city is served by a modern international airport with connections to the USA, the rest of Latin America and Europe. When visiting Guatemala these are fascinating attractions.


The Capital City: An amazing blend between the past and the present. The colonial downtown has beautiful buildings including the Cathedral, the National Palace and many other churches and family houses worth a visit. The Central Market is the perfect place to buy souvenirs and explore local traditions. For those looking for good dinning and nightlife Zona 10 is the epicenter of the good action.


Antigua Guatemala: The ancient capital of the country is a colonial gem, cobble stoned roads, ruins of old churches, restaurants and hotels built in the midst of ancient constructions are the delights of any visitor. Antigua is a magical destination. There are excellent hotels such as Finca Filadelfia and La Reunion that offers a really impressive golf course.


El Lago de Atitlan: Spectacular views, lazy towns and en eclectic lifestyle: this is everything what is about Atitlan Lake. Hotel Casa Palopo is known as one of the best hotels in Latin America. Chichicastenango and its colorful market with the unique fusion of Mayan traditions is a another place not to miss when visiting the area.



Rio Dulce and Livingston: A tropical paradise. This is the only stretch of Caribbean coast that has been left to Guatemala but certainly a worthy place to visit. Beautiful recreation houses are located along the river. Livingston is the heart of the AfroGuatemalan culture.



Coban and the highlands: It takes around four hours driving from the capital. The surrounding mountainous villages are amazing. Nature is as well unique in this part of the country. Most people arrive to Coban in their way to explore those exotic mayan villages spread in the highlands.



Peten and the Maya city of Tikal: One of the most impressive ancient ruins in the Americas. Located not far from the border with Belize. Peten is an exotic destination that one can reach by air or land. Tikal are the ruins of an huge Maya city. It takes hours and even days to appreciate the whole beauty of this archaeological treasure.



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