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Visa requirements to enter Cambodia and how to obtain a tourist visa for Cambodia?



Cambodia is gaining little by little a place in the international tourist market. Many upscale hotels have opened or are scheduled to open soon. The tourism infrastructure has certainly improved a lot and the country has relaxed the requirements for visitors to cross their borders. A trip to Cambodia is really worthwhile, there is a very rich culture and an impressive natural, historical and architectural beauty to discover.


The current process to obtain a tourist visa -and even a business one- is very easy. The visa can be obtained on arrival in any of the two main international airports or in the land border crossings. Almost any one entering to Cambodia with the exception of Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore needs such a visa. For the visa on arrival it is required to complete a written application (this can be downloaded from the webpage of the Cambodian consulate or most airlines normally distribute it before landing) one needs as well a recent picture and the passport has to be valid for at least four months. Authorities can require one to show a returning ticket and proof of sufficient funds for the stay. For a business visa the process is the same with the only need to add sufficient documentation for proof of the business status.


Visas can be obtained directly in the consular mission. For example in the United States the visa can be obtained directly from the Cambodian Embassy in Washington. This diplomatic mission issues visas for the whole country and even for the whole continent. The process is very simple, one just has to mail in the passport with the same documents previously mentioned and a prepaid return envelope, the visa is processed normally in two days.


The government has made available recently a new system for online application. It seems that the Embassy in Washington does not encourage this idea too much and anyway there is not a great need for such application if one can so easily get the visa on arrival or directly in the embassy. The advantages of prearranging a visa is not having to wait in line upon arrival to Cambodia to get a visa there.


The process of obtaining the visa is the same for citizens of any nationality and according with the embassy of Cambodia in Washington there may be just certain additional requirements for citizens from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Sudan.




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