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Visa regulations to enter Brazil and notes on the need for a transit visa on Brazil

brazilMany countries can enter Brazil for tourism purposes for up to 90 days without the need of a tourist visa.

This is the list of countries that can enter Brazil without visa but this information is for reference only, you should always confirm it with your nearest consulate

Andorra- Argentina – Austria – Bahamas – Barbados – Belgium – Bermuda -Bolivia – Bulgaria – Chile- Colombia – Costa Rica – Czech Republic – Denmark – Ecuador- Finland – France -Germany – Great Britain – Greece – HKBNO – HKSAR – Hungary – Iceland -Ireland – Italy – Israel – Liechtenstein – Luxembourg – Macau SAR – Malaysia – Malta – Monaco – Morocco – Namibia – Netherlands – New Zealand – Norway – Paraguay – Peru -Philippines – Poland – Portugal – San Marino – Slovenia – South Africa – South Korea – Spain – Surinam – Sweden – Switzerland – Thailand – Trinidad & Tobago – Tunis – Turkey – Uruguay – Vatican.

Other countries need a visa and they have to contact the nearest Brazilian consulate to obtain it. In some cases the visa can be somewhat expensive or lengthy. Brazil basically applies the principle of reciprocity, so if a country asks for a tourist visa to Brazilians they will ask tourist visa to that country, they will charge the same fee and demand the same requirements that the other country asks from Brazilians. Americans need a Tourist Visa before arrival to Brazil, the process for Americans to obtain such visa is very similar than the process for any other country to obtain a Tourist visa to USA: it is long, expensive and you need several documents. 


Visa requirements for Transiting in Brazil

The rules are clear and widespread in many of the Brazilian consulate webpage. If one will transfer in an international flight in a Brazilian airport, without abandoning the international transit area and for a time no longer than seven hours,  one can do so without a transit visa. You always have to confirm this requirement with the airline and with your closest Brazilian consulate before buying the airplane ticket. Several of the consulates even advises to send them an e-mail with the complete flight information and in this way they will confirm that the passenger does not need a visa to transit in the specific airport. Remember it is the passenger responsibility to be in possession of the required immigration documents before flying. The best way to do this is a phone call to the consulate.



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  1. Julius

    hi sir/madam I am from sri lanka I need transit GRU sao paulo international. going to bahamas what I need documents geting transit visa

    1. voyageur

      Dear Julius
      To inquire about what specific documents you need for the transit Visa the thing is for you to contact the Brazilian Embassy in Colombo, here is the contact info.

      16 Queen’s Road
      Colombo 3
      Sri Lanka
      Telephone (+94) (11) 556.6900

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  2. charles

    Hi, I’m a Ghanaian passport holder based in South Africa.
    I checked before purched my ticket from one of the travel agent to Ecuador-Quito via brazil.
    I was refused boarding pass by the Ethiopian air, why because they saying there is a new law from Brazil which says anyone transiting Brazil must have transit visa even less than 7 hours.
    I visited the Brazil embassy in pretoria and there is no such thing.
    What do I do since I purched my tickets and its not refundable.

    1. voyageur

      It seems that you would need to provide proof that this law or requirement is not in effect to Ethiopian Airlines, perhaps get something officially written from the Brazilian Embassy stating your ability to transit in the country.

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  3. mark

    Hi, I’m a Cameroonaian passport holder based in Cameroon! Have purchased my ticket from one of the travel agent to Ecuador-Quito via Brazil.And my transit is less than 7 hours can i encounter any problems on my transit in Brasil?Since i am a visa free to Ecuador?

    1. voyageur

      Thanks for your message.
      How long are u staying in the airport?
      Are u flying in the same airline?
      The official information we have is that as long you stay less than seven hours in the international transit area of the airport u will not need a visa. Do you fulfill this conditions?
      It is always good to confirm this information with the embassy of Brazil in YaoundeADDRESSBrazilian Embassy in Yaounde, Cameroon

      Rue 1828, Derrière du Hotel Azur, Bastos
      BP 16227
      TELEPHONE(+237) 2220-1085 / 6 / 8
      FAX(+237) 2220-1087
      EMAIL brasemb.iaunde@itamaraty.gov.br
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  4. Denniz

    Am a nigerian passport holder base in Nigeria. Am traveling to Mexico via sao paulo and my transit is less than 7hours, do I need transit visa

    1. voyageur

      As a general rule Brazilian authorities state that is you are only transiting in the international area and less than 7 hours with an confirmed ticket you should no need transit visa. It is always a good idea to confirm this info with the consulate of Brazil in Lagos or Abuja.
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  5. juan

    first time tourist traveler to brazil and looking for information as too what documents I need to get into Sao Paulo brazil other than my passport which shows visas pages.

    1. voyageur

      Hi Juan,

      It depends what nationality you are, we recommend you look at the webpage of the Brazilian consulate that is in or serves applications from your country:

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  6. Charles

    Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance am a Nigerian passport holder traveling to Jamaica through Sao Paulo please do I need transit Visa

    1. voyageur

      Hi Charles,

      There is no need for a transit visa if you are staying in the same international terminal for no more than 7 hours and you have the same ticket booked all the way through. But as always it is best to call the embassy and confirm your particular circumstance.

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  7. frank

    Pls I am a Nigeria I have a student visa to go and study I mexico I wanted to pass tro Sao Paulo to mexico but all d airline I went to ask me to go and apply for a Brazil visa.
    Pls Wat will I do because am travelling on the 19th of feb

    1. voyageur

      Hi Frank,

      What reason does the airline give for you needing a Brazilian visa? If you are not exiting the international terminal and your connection time is less than 7 hours you may not need one. If anything in your connection is different than this you may need a visa.

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  8. Dirisu

    Greeting to you,
    I am Nigeria holding a Nigerian passport traveling to Trinidad and Tobago via Sao Paulo Brazil but same on international terminal to connect to Trinidad and Tobago flight for hours( like 12 to 15 hour) to connect do i need a transit visa as i wouldn’t be a burden while transit awaiting to connect

    1. voyageur

      Hi Dirisu,

      You may need to get a visa because your terminal stay time is more than 7 hours. You should contact the airline or Brazilian Consulate in order to find out what your best approach for this situation is.

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  9. Al

    Hey thanx for ur help
    Im sure all wud b glad
    Can u please tell if indian passport holders wud require a transit visa if connection is like 9 hrs as website says no time frame if ur not leaving brazil and also they have to collect baggage as emirates hands over luggage and have to check in again for copa for destination country
    AS NO WERE SPECIFIES if 2 different airlines with 2 PNRs and collection of baggage and check in
    Looking forward for a reply

    1. voyageur

      Hi Al,

      The website of the Brazilian consulate in New Dehli says there is no timeframe on transit as long as you remain in the international area of the airport. When switching airlines for onward travel and collecting baggage in most countries you pass through immigration to get to the baggage. This would be entering Brazil. We recommend you contact the airline to determine if they have a partnership or the ticket is shared that they will transfer the baggage. Otherwise it is unlikely that you can go and collect baggage without leaving the international area. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  10. Amena

    I am a Pakistani national. I need to take a flight from via Brazil. I need to know if the rule of no transit requirement still exists if my transit period is under 7 hours.

    1. voyageur

      Hello Amena,

      From everything we can read online this is the rule for transiting in Brazil. You can of course always call the Brazilian Consulate nearest you for updates. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  11. Adrian


    My partner and I are traveling throughout south america around November and will be flying out of Rio to go back home (melbourne, aus). We are flying in from bogota and arriving in Rio at 7am and our flight to return home leaves at 7pm the same day. Would we need a full visa for that small amount of time or is there some sort of transit/temp visa we can obtain to stay in the country barely a day? Going through the whole visa process and paying the full fee seems like a bit much for entering the country for not even a full day.

    1. voyageur

      If your stay does not exceed the allotted time and you remain in the international area you should not need a visa, however to get the most authoritative reply we recommend you consult your nearest Brazilian embassy as they should have the most pertinent information regarding your specific travel details.

      We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  12. kels

    am nigeria by nationality can i transit in Trinidad and Tobago with a mexico visa

    1. voyageur

      Hi Kels,

      from what we can read online Citizens of Nigeria do not require a visa to transit through Trinidad and Tobago airports for up to 48 hours, provided that they do not leave the International Transit Area of the airport. We of course recommend you confirm this with an official consulate of Trinidad and Tobago as these rules can change anytime. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

  13. ebenezer

    am a Ghanaian and would be traveling to Peru.do i need airport transit through brazil

    1. voyageur

      As long as you stay in the international area (do not enter into Brazil across the border and your stay is not longer than 7 hours) you should have no need of a transit visa. However we recommend you contact your nearest Brazilian Consulate to confirm your specific itinerary to get the details. We will appreciate if you follow us in Facebook and in Twitter

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