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Visa on arrival to Cambodia: Our experience in Siem Reap international Airport

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We had a wonderful visit to Siem Reap Cambodia. Everything including the processes of getting the visa on arrival went very smoothly


As we were doing our check-in for the flight in Singapore the agent asked about our visas, we said that we intended to get it on arrival, she was perfectly ok with that.


We asked for a seat in the front of the plane to be able to disembark fast. During the flight we got two documents, one was the arrival card and the other the customs declaration. As we landed we rushed to the arrival area, there we picked up the visa application and took our places in the line, we start filling up thevisa cambodia 2 applications as we were waiting, it is a very simple document, it took us two or three minutes to complete it.


Then we were called to where an agent was receiving such applications, she asked for our passports –these have to be valid for at least six months- then for a picture -we took one in Singapore: it is something very important not to forget because there is nowhere to take a picture in the arrivals hall in Siem Reap- and we paid 30 USD.


The passport passed from hand to hand in a line of five or six different people -all immigration agents that completed one of the parts of the process- at the end my name was called. One has to be very attentive because their pronunciation of the name is very singular, but they will hold up the passport.


It took us only five minutes to complete the whole process, there was of course a long line after us of those visa cambodia 3who did not rush after landing and I can think it took them at least 20 minutes or more to get their visas.



Once one has the passport back the next step is to go to the regular line of arrivals where the passport is stamped and proceed to collect the bags and go through customs.



It is good to keep in mind that most countries can apply to visa on arrival, but things can change quickly in any country so it is better to verify all the information before leaving one’s place of residence. Some very few countries cannot apply to visa on arrival and these are: Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria.


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