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Want to see one of Europe’s biggest and best “old towns”? check out Vilnius Lithuania



Vilnius boasts one of the largest Old Towns of Europe, mixed with the historic architecture, it has an excellent nightlife, a very respectable offering of restaurants and even a good selection of luxury stores.


Why Vilnius?

For years the city was neglected among travelers, maybe not because of its lack of appeal, but because the beauty was ignored.


In fact it has a lot to offer, it is still a very affordable destination in comparison to other European capitals, more and better hotels have been opening their doors in the Lithuanian capital in recent years, and the cultural tradition of the city is huge. Not long ago it was declared European capital of Culture.


Find an intact and awesome old town


The visitor who arrives to Vilnius will be pleasantly surprised, the city combines two distinct parts, the Old town is all cobble stoned roadways, ancient buildings with beautiful churches and a lot of history. The newest part of the city still conserves a very nice style with more modern shops and newer establishments including flagship stores for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Hugo Boss and Burberry.


The airport seems to be a blend of the past and present of the country. The arrivals hall is still the small but very ornate Russian Style building that resembles more an Opera house. The departure hall is a more modern style construction. From the airport the city is very well linked, with several public buses and a train, it only takes 15 minutes to get to almost anywhere in the city.


A basic itinerary


It is a very flat town, so many visitors explore it on foot or even ride a bike. The only noticeable hill is located just in the back of Cathedral Square, there is the Gedimidas Tower, the only remaining structure from the upper Castle. It is the heart of the Lithuanian identity, and the best place to appreciate a beautiful panorama of the city. In the lower Castle, just down the hill is located the National Lithuanian Museum.


This is a very Catholic country, so it is not strange that many of the other attractions of the city are churches, including the Cathedral or the Church of St. Anne.


The vibrant nightlife and the friendliness of people is a focus of attraction for visitors. With spring a mild weather arrives to the city, it becomes a perfect time to visit it without the crowds of summer.


Vilnius: Old Town


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