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Top cultural attractions in Vienna, Austria


Many see Vienna as a capital of culture and a city of the arts and it excels in all of these. It is best to start from what the city is known best for: In our estimation the top three delights are music, theater and architecture.  


On a general note the easiest place to find a musical performance is to head in the direction of any church steeples you may happen to see in the city. All the churches host many different concerts and performances year round. The pipe organs alone provide for a spectacular accompaniment to the bellowing orchestras that fill these churches.


Recommended are:  St. Stephen’s Church (Stephansdom) in the heart of Vienna at Stephensplaz or Karlskirche a bit further wien2away. Besides their own impressive architecture, these churches host many fascinating compositions all year round.


The State Opera House (Staatsoper) is the best and most centrally located place to catch one of Mozart’s many compositions for
example.  As far as theater goes the Burgtheater and the Akademietheater boast an astounding array of shows and talent every day.  Don’t forget one of the best theaters of all, street performances. The Wiener Musikveren is home to some of the best orchestral performances in the world.


As far as architecture goes it is everywhere: The theme is overall very Baroque and Romantic with lots of columns, towers, porticos and palaces. The nice part of the historical center is that it is not dominated by skyscrapers. Many modern buildings exist however. We recommend the Palais Ferstl, The Austrian Parliament and the Modern section of Vienna. Belvedere Palace offers an exceptional view of a monumental edifice both historically and physically. A good half day trip out to the Schonbrunn Palace is a must see in our opinion. The gardens, structures and landscape is unforgettable.





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