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How to get from the Airport to St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy

Venice to San Marco


There are many ways of getting to the beloved island of Venice and its surrounding sister islands. It may seem evident, but the Venice Airport is located on another piece of land around 30-minutes to 1 hour away (depending on the form of transit chosen) from the city itself.


An affordable and direct option to the famed St. Mark’s Square takes the form of the Alilaguna water shuttle. This is a good option if you are looking to get into the heart of Venice other trains, buses and shuttles will bring you to various points outside the city center.


Which Alilaguna shuttles to take


For the purposes of reaching St. Mark’s Square directly and affordably take the Red or Blue Line Shuttles. The cost of a ticket one way per person is 15 Euros. A roundtrip purchase will save a couple Euros on the overall price. There is adequate seating for many persons and the dock staff are very helpful instructing tourists about which boat they should board.


Besides serving St. Mark’s Square these shuttles make several stops around the laguna and so they can be good for points in between such as Murano, Lido, the Cruise ship terminal etc. The Red line makes less stops than the Blue and it is around 20 minutes faster but both go to St. Marks.


Red Line: Murano Museo – Lido – San Marco – Giudecca Zitelle

Blue Line:  Murano Fonte Nove – Lido – Arsenale – S. Zaccaria – San Marco – Giudecca – Cruise Terminal



Here is a look at the schedules:


Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.02.55 PM



Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.03.46 PM

Where to take the shuttle


At the airport:

The shuttle can be reached by following the signs in the airport for water shuttles or vaporetti. It is an outdoor walk that takes around 10 minutes. Construction is underway to build an elevated and air conditioned walkway facility. Once you reach the docks you will see automatic and people manned places to purchase tickets. Euros and major credit cards are accepted.


Once you have the ticket in hand make your way down to the last docks and you will see “C stop” Docks 7&8. Here is where you can board the Red or Blue shuttles to the city.


At St. Mark’s Square:

The shuttle terminal is situated in a covered terminal just across from the royal gardens. It sits at the end of a long series of uncovered docks which service mostly hotel shuttle boats and private taxi boats. Staff are on hand to sell tickets and direct tourists to their shuttles.


Venice San Marco


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