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Boutique vineyard experiences in Uruguay



Uruguay as a country offers excellent experiences for tourists with discerning taste, especially in wine. The entire country is small compared to most of its South American neighbors, but its city life, cuisines and quality are some of the highest on the continent.


Any visitor who enjoys good wine should consider exploring the country’s boutique vineyards which are still family owned and operated and follow the European methods rather than the larger production models of nearby Chile and Argentina. Tannat is the French grape which has taken on a life of its own here and finds its finest expression in Uruguayan wines. 

Where to begin your wine touring and tasting:



There are around 300 wineries in Uruguay that tourists can visit in various capacities. Some are private, others require a booking time and others are open to the public year round. The highest concentration is found just North of Montevideo in the area known as Canelones. The Atlantic winds and clay soils form a magnificent growing region that lies along the same parallel as South Africa and Mendoza.


Los Caminos del Vino / The Wine Roads:


There are wonderful wineries around some of the country’s major cities Punta del Este, Colonia, Carmelo and Montevideo, but one of the most efficient ways to take in a wine region is to follow Los Caminos del Vino. This is an association of 18 wineries and the wine tourism authority to make wineries and their products accessible to discerning travelers with well marked routes, tasting times and packages. Las Piedras is considered the town which is the wine capital of Uruguay and it has a museum of grapes and wine.


Recommended Wineries to see in Uruguay:












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