Mar 27

United Club Lounge Terminal E Houston Airport



Houston Intercontinental Airport is one of the main hubs of United Airlines and as such the United Airlines company strives to deliver there their best possible service. Being considered one of the most developed countries of the world there are some areas in which United States seems to be really behind, one of these is related with airline services. It is possible to notice some effort to bring such a gap to an end with the renovation of spaces in terminals and better inflight services.


United clubs are a great network of lounges located in the main airports of United States and in some important international terminals. There are several locations in different terminals in Houston, in our case we decided to visit the one in Terminal E. This is the main international terminal for United and it is their best lounge in the airport. It is located quite close to gate E11.


Once in the club one is welcomed in a very friendly manner on the first floor, the check in is really fast. It is possible to gain access to the United club by traveling in first or business class, or by achieving gold or platinum status in the loyalty program of the airline. It is possible to buy day or annual passes.


The lounge is really modern, with a lot of light coming through the huge windows that offer very nice views of the runways. It is a total of three floors, decorated with chic paintings, a lot of wood and a combination of common and more private spaces. There is a main bar in the second floor offering free wine and beer and premium drinks for charge. There are several food stations but the selection in this case could be better. Coffee and tea is good. There are many places to choose where to sit from comfortable leather seats, to more private cubicles where one can charge the computer or other electronic devices. For those who enjoy sports or movies there is a big TV room.


Sometimes the second floor can be a little crowded, so it is better to go to the third floor, there is not a bar, but it is still possible to find the food and regular drinks stations. We especially loved the opportunity of taking a hot shower between flights. One has to request a time for the showers in a designated desk in the third floor, it is not hard to find openings. A very unique amenity is the valet pressing service. In each shower one will find a little closet where it is possible to leave clothing and then push a button, in the mean time one is taking the shower the clothing is being steamed, this is something really fantastic.


We really liked our overall experience in this particular United Club Lounge, we noticed a lot of improvement in the service and we will like to see this improvement reflected in the food selections as well.




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