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How to get from the airport into and around Sao Paolo Brazil

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Sao Paolo Brazil is an organized city for its size, but mind you it is 6.5 times the size of New York. It is the biggest city of South America and a powerhouse for the country all this translates to big traffic jams with a massive population.


Uber in our recent experience is one of the best ways to get around, taking into consideration that the Metro still doesn’t arrive to the airport but it will in some years. At the same time ask yourself which airport you are flying into as there are several in town.


Understanding Sao Paolo

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Know it is around a 40 minute commute from the airport to the downtown under good conditions, but do not take the traffic lightly, it is a huge, huge city. It can also take up to four hours. If you are a tourists stay somewhere near agenda paulista and always plan which time of the day you are planning on going out because this will affect a lot of your time that you get to spend sightseeing, enjoying the hotel etc.


Which of the two major airports are you coming from?

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The two main airports in Sao Paolo are Guarulhos which handles most of the long haul international flights.

Congonhas is the other airport which handles some national and international flights as well.


What’s the best option to get around in Sao Polo?

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Once you arrive to Sao Paolo it is best take your options based on transport services and time of day and decide. There is a direct bus service from Guarulhos to Congonhas which costs 45 Reales per person.


There are bus services around the entire city to central locations like Avenida Paulistia for around a similar price of 45 Reales or take a small city bus for 5 reales to the Tiete metro stop which is the closest to Guarulhos.




Regular taxis are really the last option we recommend because the city has such frequent traffic jams the meter will run long and they will often take you the long way round anyway to get a higher fare.




The metro is a great and affordable option to get places in the city if you cannot arrive by walking, but know the metro does not arrive everywhere. If it is a regular time of the day in which you can find traffic jams and the metro is an option for your route, skip any taxi, bus or Uber transport in favor of this faster service.


When it is a good idea to use Uber

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If it is the weekend, early morning or late at night and you are more than 1 person you can get from the airport to the downtown for 60-70 reales and it will take you or to door. b You can handle more bags, they do not charge per bag and other companies may charge for bags and it is quite safe since you put your destination in the map.




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