May 18

Be in the know: How Washington D.C. is becoming a trendy USA destination

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Washington D.C. for many might seem more like a history lesson and field trip destination than a riveting getaway. Maybe its just the way bureaucratic and historic processes have come together in this fair city for a long time, but we can say with confidence that it is a thriving and trendy place where food, culture, history, art and hospitality are being innovated.

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Washington is a very easy city to get around because it is very well planned. Still more innovations are making it easier. The metro runs with excellent service times, stations connect all parts of the city and often open up into fascinating shopping arcades, cafeterias and indoor social spaces. It was a great experience renting one of the city’s many bicycles which have convenient docking stations near all major monuments and intersections. It is a great workout to bike up and down the national mall.


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Forget the guided tour or mandatory field trip itinerary. Most of the city’s museums are free and so you can drop in or out as much as you like without feeling like you have to get your money’s worth. What is more these museums are so well connected that they are constantly showing displays from other prestigious institutions around the world. The National Gallery of Art and the Museum of Natural History are always favorites.


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Where one can see the best trends unfolding are in the distinctive neighborhoods of DC, these are where the city’s leisure activities are fully flourishing. Adams Morgan is home to many independent bookstores and ethnic restaurants; Dupont Circle is D.C.’s home to artists and inspired coffee shops. By far the big foodie and culinary experimentation scene is happening on 14th Street where one can do a food or pub crawl or both!



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You can go trendy classic in Georgetown, home to a college vibe surrounded by classical styled homes, trendy eateries and fascinating hotels like the Four Seasons and Capella. See the renaissance of a neighborhood by exploring U Street which is the scene for all late night music and libations.


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The monuments are classic treasures and there are always new things to see there too. A major restoration of many of them has left them clean and refurbished, there are always groups doing performances, demonstrations and memorials which give the onlooker a snapshot of how diverse the USA is on any given day.


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I love to travel, it is a hobby that has been with me since I was a little child. Already as teenager I went around South America as a backpacker. Now I travel in a very different way, I like to think that I am a more discerning traveler, but I still enjoy the simple things of life.

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