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Traveling to Central America during rainy season



Central America offers endless possibilities for all kind of travelers. History lovers will be amazed with Mayan ruins in Guatemala and Honduras. Those looking for beautiful nature will find their place in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The ones preferring exciting cities will enjoy Panama City, and of course there are hotels for all kinds of budgets from simple bed and breakfasts to luxurious five star properties.


Like elsewhere around the world It is no different in Central America, there is a high and a low season. From late May to early November the rainy season is at its best in this part of the world. It is as well the so-called hurricane season. So tourists stay away. At least one will not see multitudes as it happens in other times of the year.


People are afraid that they will get caught in a hurricane or at best it will be raining the whole day. Personally, I think this is the best time to visit Central America. I have been in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panama a lot in September and October, the months that see most rain and I have really enjoyed it.


The first good thing is that prices drop incredibly. Some of the best hotels cost even half the regular price. You have the place to yourself, everybody is relaxed and always with a smile. The beach, the pool, and gardens become places of enjoyment and tranquility. Most of the travelers are adults looking for a peaceful retreat.


In this time of the year restaurants, bars and pubs work on a normal schedule, and nightlife is still appealing. It is not like it will be raining 24 hours a day. There is some chance of having intermittent rain for days, but what is normal is to enjoy sunny mornings with blue skies and heavy rain in the afternoon.


Most people learn fast the cycle and they enjoy the outdoors during the morning and the indoors in the evening. There is nothing nicer than taking a nap, reading a book, or enjoying a treatment in the spa with a heavy storm going on outside. Normally rain stops in the evening, and nature comes back to life. It is so great to walk around and enjoy the smell after an afternoon of rain.


Some hurricanes have struck Central America in the past. We still remember the one that affected Honduras and Guatemala years ago, but that is not the norm. Hurricanes go more in the route of the Caribbean, and countries such as Costa Rica, Panama or Nicaragua hardly know what a hurricane is.


Sometimes flights can get delayed because of weather. Here is where good planning makes sense. Once one learns that most heavy storms happen in the afternoon, the ideal is to program a flight in the morning or in the late evening.


I am one who believes in the bounties of traveling during low season. I am always happy with myself and my friends. I do not like multitudes. Central America and its people is at its best during the rainy months, It is probably the time of the year I enjoy the most being there.




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