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Transport in India: hectic yes, chaotic yes, but if you want to see the country you still probably still want to try it.

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India needs to move many people on a regular basis. So you can find transportation abundantly, in many different modes and overall affordable. Here are general tips on types of transportation available and how to use them.



Intercity Trains

These trains can be booked online or at stations and are very frequent. One should be in mind there are dozens of kinds of trains ranging from luxury hotels on rails to the classic image of dusty cars packed with people hanging out the open doors. The speeds and stops along the way vary greatly as do ticket combinations.

City trains

Major cities have rail lines that connect the city with the suburbs. They often use the same stations as Intercity railways but these cars are more basic with first and second class cabins. The trains are often divided into fast (F) and slow (S) categories. Fast trains stop only at the main stops in the city whereas slow trains stop everywhere along the way.


Metro systems are some of the newest constructions in city transit in India. Many of the cities have functional lines with many more in the process of being built. This can be a very affordable, clean and hassle free way of getting around, especially since roadways get traffic jams frequently. Read about our metro experience in Mumbai here.


Air Travel:


We have been amazed by the airports in India. Each one is a grand spectacle full of modern restaurants, lounges, plenty of space to handle massive numbers and the quality goes hand in hand with the high functionality. If you haven’t checked out flights, they are extremely affordable in low cost and national carriers alike. We did a 5 city combination for around $200 total in Air India! This is the fastest and most efficient way to see much of the country.




Taxi’s are abundant in all parts of India and it is only possible to speak generally here, but they are affordable in comparison with how expensive taxi’s normally are. It is always best to insist on the meter and to take official cabs only.

Tuk Tuks

This is the inglorious and most basic means of getting around in the city. It can be amazingly cheap and quite an adventure to move around in an open vehicle in chaotic traffic. Drivers will often resist using the meter and if you force them to use it they will probably take you on a tour.  Communication as well as map reading can be limited.

Mobile bookings

Services such as Uber and Ola cabs service many cities in India. With a smartphone one can use the app to locate and request a ride all of which occurs electronically even the payment. Both companies work well.


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