Oct 14

Transit from Vladivostok Airport to city



Vladivostok is one of the premiere cities of Russia’s Far East. Set near North Korea, Northern China and Southeast of the wild Siberian landscape it is a venture to a city on the edge of vast frontiers. Vladivostok’s airport is 50km away from the city center, so getting into town requires planning ahead of time.


Transit to the city has always been an ordeal simply because the roadway into the city gets congested with traffic and the sporadic arrivals of flights makes the airport less of a regular operation than a city of this size would have elsewhere in the world. Still there are improvements and upgrades going on.


New Rail option: Aeroexpress

The newest option to get from Vladivostok to the Airport roundtrip is a train linked directly to the new terminal. The service is called Aeroexpress, a company which now offers rail service around Moscow airports too. Between central Vladivostok Rail terminal and the Airport (Knevichi is the name of the little town around the airport) the train makes several stops. The cost moving from one zone to another is 15 Rubles. For the overall trip one-way a standard ticket is 200 rubles. There is also business class for 350. There are discounted fares available as well. The rail service also offers taxi reservations to get from one’s home to the rail terminal. Tickets can be purchased at any station along the route, from conductors and at any Vladivostok rail terminal. Passengers can take up to 36kg of hand luggage.

Transit times are between 08:00 and 20:52 both ways each day.


Public Buses

From the airport there is a bus to the central bus station. Bus number 107 serves the airport and costs 60 rubles each way. The ride is ideally 1hr and 15 minutes, but again due to delays and construction, give yourself at least 3 hours. Times of departure from the airport are daily: 08:25, 09:40, 10:45, 12:07, 13:00, 14:00, 15:50, 16:50, 17:45, 20:00.



The process for getting a taxi may become a necessity for flights that arrive late or outside hours of Aeroexpress operation. In this case be prepared to bargain for prices with both metered and unofficial taxis. It is always recommended to take a more official service, but in either case one will probably be quoted something around 2500 rubles for a one way trip into town. Be prepared to haggle and don’t go for anything over 1000 rubles.  Pre-booked taxis will cost around 1100 rubles.




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  1. jean zitzmann

    My flight will be after 9 pm, so buses will not e running. The ruble has been hard hit this year, so what should I expect taxi price to the city to be?

    1. voyageur

      The prices of the taxis usually range between 150-350 baht for transfer between the airports.

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  2. yardley

    My flight arrival at 4:30 am, taxi will avilable? if avilable tats what should I expect price to the town city?

    1. voyageur

      There are usually some taxis around 800-1200 Rubles ($30 – $45)

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