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Tourist destinations for water sports and surfing



Water sports and various forms of surfing can be found in different forms all around the world. The fact is that some areas differ in difficulty, may be crowded or even dangerous depending on one’s skill set. Here we will present a range of places that vary difficulties, number of persons and activity at different times of the year. All places noteworthy for travelers who like to find new places to explore their water based hobbies.





With thousands of miles of coast around the entire continent, it makes sense one would find good surfing in Australia. Particularly Western Australia calls out to fans of watersports. For beginners, the city of Denmark has a surfing school and gentler waves to begin on. For those not looking to wander too far from the big cities, Perth itself has many good options and styles to explore in the waters. For a more isolated experience with all variety of waves head to Geraldton, especially Mahomet’s back beach.


South Africa


At the juxtaposition of two major oceans, there’s lots of currents swirling around the southern tip of Africa and the celebratory atmosphere of the country makes it a great place to hang out and holiday. Looking for a quick jaunt out of Capetown? The Surfer’s Corner at Muizenberg is a great beginners spot, with easy waves and a half hour from downtown. Scarborough Beach is a bit further away at 48km, but it almost is never crowded and can put up some intermediate waves and winds. Dungeons is the site of various surfing championships and the waves are really reserved for top level athletes, but even if not going in the water, it is a fantastic place to watch world class action. The city of Durban is also known for a variety of watersport-worthy beaches. The nice thing is that along this varied coast one will find endless places to put into the unique seascape.



New Zealand


An island of rich experiences and raw nature in the heart of the Pacific promises bi encounters with the salty ocean spray. Taranaki is a destination that has been gaining popularity in recent months. It is an area of lush gardens, beautiful beaches and historic towns on the New Zealand coastline. Many travelers from abroad come to learn surfing styles here and the biggest attraction they say is the laid back and original style of the beaches.




The largely desert and mountain landscape of this North African kingdom has a softer side, its sunny Atlantic beaches. Largely undisturbed, this is great place for no pressure surfing schools and more manageable waves at different times of the year. Agadir is a well known spot and Taghazoute is considered the surf Mecca, with the best waves, schools and even all inclusive packages. These are the kind of towns that literally don’t have addresses, so making your way here will be adventurous and like traveling years ago.


Costa Rica


Like everything Costa Rica does, surfing and watersports are kept manageable and sustainable. Here one will not find overwhelming crowds or massive schools, but small programs and escapes. There is good surfing on the Caribbean and the Pacific. Puerto Viejo in the Limon province offers some challenging breaks. On the North, Central and South Pacific coastline, there are lots of places to enjoy varied surfing. The Northern part has Playa Tamarindo and Playa Grande. The Central coast has Playa Escondida and Boca Barranca for really long rides while the South coast has Playa Dominical and some real, raw landscapes just inland.




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