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Top Ten Things to see in Nuremberg, Germany



Nuremburg is an attractive and historic city in Bavaria. Like much of the region it possesses natural beauty, rolling hills and pleasant big towns which feel like quiet neighborhoods. Here are ten great things to fill an experience of the city.


Kaiserberg (Imperial Castle)


This is the symbol of the city’s glorious and wealthy past. This castle sits on a prominent hill overlooking the town as the summit of its achievements. The imperial age in Germany were full of riches many of which can be seen on display in the German National Museum.




Like any successful city trade is at the heart of social life. Markets offer daily necessities like fruits and vegetable but also luxuries and curiosities like flowers, jewelry, handicrafts and souvenirs. The markets finest hour is certainly during the annual Christmas Bazaar.




Examples of its present position rest on its proud past. Museums are unique and varied such as the toy Museum, Museum for Industrial Culture, Tucher Mansion Museum (showing the elite collections of the highest social circles) and DeuchBahn Railway Museum are just a few places to poke around the collections of the past.




The River Pegnitz is central to the lifeblood of the city, which goes back almost 1000 years. Bridges are scenic composites of brick towers, majestic arches and vendors stalls kept in pristine condition. The bridges provide some of the most panoramic and romantic spots to view in town.




Nuremberg is a city for families with plenty to keep kids occupied. The toy museum is a great interactive space, but even more energy intensive is Playmobil, a place to Play, Move and Experience. Kids can have life learning and role paying opportunities to interact with pirates, dinosaurs, science and farm chores.


People watching


Probably an underrated attraction in any destination, the daily social life of locals can be observed as they move amidst the markets, bridges, wonderful stone architecture and areas to gather and spend time.


Global Exhibition

NurnbergMesse is a global exhibition company that is ranked in Europe’s top ten. They handle 120 national and international trade fairs just 20 minutes from the airport as well as at satellite locations worldwide.




Nuremberg has had a long history with the manufacture and evolution of pencils in all forms. The first pencil factory established here is still open to the public today complete with a museum.


Honey cakes


Nuremberg’s signature treat is a creation of the monks from the area whose recipe is secret till the present day. Honey, a variety of nuts, flour and sugar go into these cookie like treats known as Lebkuchen.




The last attraction is an adjacent city with a storied past. Erlangen is the historic second city that opened its doors to exiled French Protestants. The city is full of Baroque masterpieces and the crowning achievement is certainly the local University of Erlangan-Nuremberg whose architecture and campus grounds are a symphony of beauty.


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