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Top ten destinations to visit this spring: #8 Cape Verde

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If you are ready to push the envelope a little bit Cape Verde may be your destination for this coming spring. The Official name is the Republic of Cabo Verde. It is a group of ten Islands 570 miles from the coast of West Africa. With beautiful beaches -more than what you ever imagined that may exist there- a very open minded population, a stable society and great sites to explore.


It was colonized by the Portuguese in the 1500’s. It became later a very important center of trade, and it grew in population -even when the diaspora equals the number of those living in the country-. It became independent in the 1970’s.



It is one of the most developed countries in Africa, with the highest life expectancy of the continent and good level of access to education and health, all despite the fact the Cape Verde lacks natural resources and the country in mainly focused on services and investment. This tiny nation has been presented as an example to the world.



Viana Desert, Boa Vista

Viana Desert, Boa Vista

What attracts visitors to Cape Verde is the beauty of its beaches. One can find beautiful places to relax along the sea in all the islands, but the most beautiful coastline is along the island of Sal and Boa Vista. There are as well luxurious hotels, many of them work with all inclusive packages, but there is a the new tendency of offering the boutique experience to discerning visitors, a good example of that is the new Melia hotel where one can choose the typical all inclusive or the most personally tailored holiday.


Santiago is the main Island with Praia as the capital, it is a small city worth to explore and the place to be immersed in the local culture and taste the delicious food. Cidade Velha is a must visit in Santiago, it was the first settlement and capital and a Unesco Heritage site.


Spring is a great time to visit, since the weather is perfect all year round, but during these months the country still has not been invaded by the huge crowds of visitors from Europe, and the rates are more attractive. There are many flights from Lisbon, and other European cities and even from Boston or Fortaleza in Brazil.



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