Feb 21

Top ten destinations to visit this spring: #10 Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta main


A city that for long has been underestimated, avoided and underrated by travelers is once again claiming a spot in the list of places to visit this 2015.

Long eclipsed by more trendy neighboring cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, and mostly used as a connecting point for travelers heading to Bali; Jakarta is indeed a city with its own fascination and charm.

It truly seems massive and scary for the first time traveler, but locals are friendly and always ready to help visitors with a smile. Jakarta lacks the excellent public transportation networks of other Southeast Asian capitals but Taxis are everywhere and they are an affordable and safe mode of transportation.


Just in recent years several upscale luxurious hotels have opened in the Indonesian Capital, where actually rates are much more affordable than almost anywhere else. Who does not want to stay at the wonderful Raffles? A chic and peaceful urban retreat, located in Kuningan one of the most upscales areas of the city, or if one is in the mood to do some shopping maybe the place to be is The Keraton at the Plaza, a high rise building, located in Plaza Indonesia a shopping center where every imaginable luxury brand has it flagship boutique.


One of the great attractions of Jakarta is its millennial tradition for wellbeing and relaxation. There are many little and affordable massage parlors in the city. But those looking for the real deal will be happy to know that a treatment and the use of amazing facilities in any of the five stars hotels of Jakarta cost a fraction of what one will pay for the same anywhere else.


Jakarta is a paradise for foodies, with something to please all the tastes and all kinds of dining options from authentic flavors when one can try street food, to world class restaurants featuring Indonesian and international delicacies.


Jakarta is a very tolerant city, if you want another proof of that just visit Istiqlal the biggest mosque of Southeast Asia, and immediately you will notice that the other beautiful building located just across the street is the Neo-gothic style Catholic Cathedral.


Jakarta is a city ready to be explored, and with a little bit of research and information it is a place you should include in your future travel plans.




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