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Top Gelato shops in Rome



Gelato has a long history in Italian cuisine and this succulent dessert is a popular attraction for tourists all over Italy and in Rome. Of course one will find gelato on every corner and in every café of the city, and it is sure to beat anything you’ve tried at home, but for a sampling of the really good stuff here’s the top Gelaterias in the city based on our many experiences and samplings.


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Gelateria del Teatro (Via di San Simone, 70 00186 Roma)


This Gelateria is in the heart of the Roman center and it inconspicuously sits along in a side street known as via Coronari. It is a good option near Piazza Navona. Flavors such as grandmother’s crème and chocolate and mandarin are the most raved about. The ingredients are natural and homemade.


Giolitti’s (Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma)


This gelateria is a big spot for tourists, so expect crowds all during the day. The variety of flavors is impressive and the gelato is good, perhaps not as good as in the small batch places around town. However it is an old time café parlor with gelato, candies and coffee available. The atmosphere and furnishings are a big attraction for visitors.

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Gelateria al Settimo (Via Vodice, 21/A 00195 Roma)


Set a little outside the main walking attractions, this gelateria is a good call if you are renting an apartment in the Prati area. The unassuming fascade contains a gastronomic place of creativity with unique flavors such as Saffron Rose water. The gelateria is a Gambero Rosso award winner.

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Gelateria dei Gracchi (Via dei Gracchi, 272 00192 Roma)


With gluten free cones, seasonal flavors and high quality ingredients promised this is a foodie lovers gelateria. The flavors often go to interesting places and combinations such as pistachio and rice and honey. This is a well located gelateria for anyone in the area of the Vatican and Castel Santangelo which happens to be a good place for food and market shopping as well.

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Frigidarium (Via del Governo Vecchio, 112 00186 Roma)


Just around the corner from Piazza Navona and strategically placed at the confluence of many bars, restaurants and pizzerias, Frigidarium is a gelato stop for many looking to grab dessert on the walk home. The tiny countertop is an efficient place that quickly deals with the lines that can pile up. It is family owned and ingredients are processed on site. The flavors contain traditional favorites such as straciatella and seasonal innovations like Guinness.


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