Aug 15

Top 10 free travel Apps


Millennials love their gadgets, and indeed these tools can be very helpful on the road. There are thousands of apps that serve different functions during a trip. Some of the best travel applications are free, simple to use and because of that they are something really good to have.

We travel a lot every year. these are some of the best apps that help us in our trips around the world, they can be your best friend and even prevent many problems. Most of these apps have IOS and Android versions and the best part is that you do not have to pay a penny to get them.


  1. Seatguru: It is not just a booking tool, it comes with everything you need to know to choose the right seat when traveling with information for almost every airplane and airline, which ones have the best seats, how far it is located from the toilet and how generous is the space provided. It is good for any flight, but particularly good for long haul segments.
  2. Airportzoom: is the app of flightstats.com, this is a very helpful one to check the real status of a flight, general information about an airport, arrivals, departures and much more.
  3. Weather.com: their app is a wonderful resource to plan your trip. I have to say that their weather predictions are very accurate, they update their information constantly, one can visualize different cities around the world at the same time.
  4. Tripadvisor: it is a must for any traveler. I am one who does not believe everything travelers write about a place, or at least I understand that my priorities can be very different than other travelers priorities, but tripadvisor.com offers a very good first glance about almost anything related with travel, such as hotels, restaurants and attractions.
  5. XE Currency: It helps to solve one of the biggest problems when traveling: currency exchange. It is updated automatically each time you get online and completely accurate.
  6. Google maps: it will save you many headaches: just carry with you addresses and if you get lost in the middle of an unknown city look for a place with free wifi in case your device has no connection. Then it will even locate where you are and it will guide you to your desired destination.
  7. Skype: I know this is one of the most popular apps, but some travelers forget to download it in their devices. Once abroad one pays domestic rates for phone calls and even international phone calls are far cheaper than calling from the hotel room.
  8. Museums mobile: this is a great resource for those who want to explore the biggest museums around the world, it is an amazing database with information such as location, price, collections and opening hours.
  9. Timeout city guides: the printed version of Timeout is one of the things I always try to get once in a city, but the app is excellent, it will give you information about the happenings, attractions, restaurants and many other useful tips.
  10. Expedia: Their app is tremendously helpful, not only to book more trips but actually to manage the ones you already paid for. One receives there travel updates, changes and other important information.
  11. Free calculator: It can save you so many bad moments, do not be ashamed to use this calculator to do your math when paying at any place. Do not just trust in whatever the cashier tells you about currency exchange, it is better to always double check.

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