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City Highlights of Timisoara Romania


Set on the Western edge of Romania, Timisoara offers a small city experience rich with cultural and historic references for travelers. It is a great city to include in a driving itinerary of the country, as a destination in itself or to access when crossing through nearby Serbia. The city is built on the ruins of a famous Roman trading post and it was among the first in Europe to offer streetlights and a horse drawn tram. 



Our impression of the city was certainly a pleasant one because we came in Spring. The city has a fairly mild climate compared to other parts of Romania, but the rivers, flat walking spaces and large parks make this a city of gardens and squares. Spring and Summer offer a lively scene.




The city is well connected via trains and buses to other cities in Central and Eastern Europe between 5 and 10 hours away. It has Romania’s 2nd largest airport and so handles flights from all over Europe on a daily basis. We would recommend a weekend trip as the best amount of time to explore the city.


Attractions: timisouara2

This is a city where most social activities, restaurants and public buildings are set around squares.

Victory Square is a symbol of the Romanian Revolution. and it is the place where the lovely Metropolitan Cathedral with its green and gold dome can be found. The opera house is also visible.

Union Square is the center of the old town and it is the site of other church buildings and many famous cafes and a baroque palace which now serves as an art gallery.

Liberty Square and Traian Square are homes to old government buildings and some impressive architecture which has withstood many empires and powers governing the region.



We especially found the city’s nightlife to be full of great live music, a very social culture and safe. As in any other place be wary of people who try to make advances towards you, but expect people to be friendly and happy to interact. The River Deck is a magical place with good live music that has outdoor seating and wonderfully affordable prices for the trendiest spot when the weather is good.





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