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Things to do in a trip to Costa Rica

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One of the most beautiful countries in the Americas has so much to offer in such a little territory. The friendliness of the locals, delicious food and beautiful nature is just part of the attraction. It is a tropical paradise to discover and here are some of the best things to do while visiting Costa Rica.

1- A visit to the Volcanoes: The Poas and the Irazu are among the most easily accessible, both close to the capital, one can arrive all the way to the crater driving, they offer a unique panorama.


2- To Explore the Tropical Rainforest: There are many tropical forests with unique flora and fauna. Some of the best areas to visit are Monteverde and Sarapiqui.


3- To splurge in one of the luxury resorts: There is not shortage of options including the Nayara in San Carlos to the Four Seasons, the Andaz or the JW Marriott in Guanacaste, these all are luxurious retreats.


4- To hang out in La Fortuna de San Carlos: In the footsteps of the Arenal Volcano, it is a little town with great vibe and, very close to many hotels and spas that take advantage of the natural hot spring waters.


5- To discover local markets: A unique way to see Costa Rica and to interact with locals. For those who want to try authentic food there is maybe no better place than the Central Market in San Jose, a place full of flavors, colors and friendly people.


6- To buy handcrafts in Sarchi; Sarchi is the main place where the artisans live and elaborate the famous wooden crafts. It is a beautiful town around 40 minutes from the capital.


7- To explore the Capital: It is a unique city, with low rise skyscrapers and some interesting places to visit such as the National Theater, the National Museum and the Gold Museum.


8- To fall in love with the beautiful beaches: This is what attracts most visitors. In both sides of Costa Rica -Atlantic and Caribbean- is possible to find breathtaking beaches with turquoise waters surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.


9- To see an expression of local religiosity in Cartago: The National Catholic church is located there, it it is beautiful building, Costa Ricans visit the place as their goal for pilgrimages, The first week of August thousands walk from wherever they live in the country to this church.


10- To fly over the jungle: Canopy is very common nowadays around the world. But in Costa Rica is really unique. It really feels like flying in heaven over such a magical garden, something that is a must to experience and it is quite affordable.


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