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The World Through the Eyes of Travel Bloggers: Malaysia, Home away from home

putra-mosque-1024x768Malaysia and Singapore has been home to Indians for decades, many of them who moved to these regions during the first half of the 20th century have called it home for so many years. We moved to Malaysia in 2009, as newly-weds, to a place many of us may not have heard of at all. We lived in Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia for about 3 years and then moved to the capital of Malaysia in 2012 and continue to live here.

Our little girl has been in this country since she was about 4 months old and assumes she is a Malaysian!! Our life so far as expatriates has been a smooth journey, we are free to do what we want – in terms of celebrating our festivals, visiting our places of faith, eating our favourite food – Malaysia has it all. We have grown to love this country by the day and have got so used to it, that the thought of leaving is kind of annoying. As expats, we can stay here as long as we have our jobs, with the current job scenario, we are not sure how long it is going to be. We do not miss any chance of spending time with nature – be it parks, gardens, go on treks or go on a long drive to the neighbouring state over the weekend.

mala2Life as an expat is great here, the quality of life is great, children will enjoy immensely. Coming from a country that is highly populated and lacking in open spaces, this place is a blessing for us. The multi-racial setup is actually a great environment to be in – it is so nice to see people from 3 different races, viz Malay, Chinese, Indian apart from the orang asli or the aboriginal people of Malaysia, live united as one nation.  People are very friendly and helpful. So tourists and travellers need not worry about their host nation.

mala3Malaysia is very accessible by air, there are several low-cost airlines operating in and out of the country. There are several amazing places to visit in this country, several hidden gems for travellers, some of these include Redang Island, Tioman Island, Cherating, Sabah, Sarawak aka Borneo apart from the touristy Penang and Langkawi. Malaysia also opens up a lot avenues for travel in terms of exploring the region – you can do a road/rail trip and go to Singapore or Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam. Amazing isn’t it?

malaI have to mention the weather – tropical weather at its best. Having lived in Chennai, India all my life, I am very used to very hot summers. Here, the temperature is around 33 to 35 degrees all year round. There is rain most of the time, and if I don’t see the sun for half a day or if it doesn’t rain for a few days, I get upset. We love the sunny weather and also the rain. The greenery has to be mentioned – being the tropical region, Malaysia is a blessed country, the weather ensures the place is green always.  I can go on and on, but if you haven’t visited this part of the world, you must pack your bags and head here soon! South-East Asia is the place to be, there is scope for travel, you can learn about different cultures, food habits and enjoy a good mix of conservativeness and modernity as well as affordable travel. So, Datang Ke Sini Tidak Lama Lagi! (that’s Malay for Come Here Soon!)

May Peace be upon Malaysia as well as all of us.

Hridya Ramani

Hridya Ramani

Hridya is a freelance writer/blogger who also write for her blog Coins N Maps (www.coinsnmaps.com ) The main focus of the blog is family travel and also life as an expat in Malaysia where she currently resides with her family. You can follow her onTwitter,Facebook,Instagram and Pinterest

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