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The world through the eyes of travel bloggers: Israel

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I`ve been traveling to several countries, around 20 in number and each of that countries has a unique culture and experience. When I decide to write this text I was thinking which travel was best for me to describe, shortly afterwards I realized that Israel is the country that I spent most time and travel several times in the last 6 years including a one year stay from 2014-2015.

As a old country Israel has lot to offer, from North to South for around 400km you have mountains, lakes, seacoast and desert. Israel is the country where you can enjoy floating on the salt water of Dead Sea and an hour driving from there you can enjoy in the vibrant modern life in Tel Aviv.

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HOW TO GET THERE: Most of tourists coming via Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv, are connected with many destinations in Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa. Another option to enter into the country is from Egypt or Jordan by land. The airport is connected with public transport to the city ( trains and buses). Only during the Shabbat ( friday from 5 pm to Saturday 5 pm you don’t have any transport ( just a private taxi) . So if you can don’t come in this period.


WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO SEE: Tel Aviv is a vibrant city, a city that never sleeps and always where you can find different types of events. From club parties to comfortable dining, from street art to galleries and exhibitions. Beaches are full with people almost during the whole day and especially for the weekend days. If you want to eat good Hummus or enjoy in the old architecture you should go to Yafo. If you are more into the stylish restaurants and bars or shopping malls head to Rotchild boulevard.

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Sunset at Tel Aviv Beach


Jerusalem as a spiritual center of the world attracts lot of people from all over the world. The Old town of Jerusalem is divided into 4 quarters: Jewish, Christians, Muslims and Armenian. Its famous for the Wailing Wall which is the part of the Solomon temple where the Jews pray with a Grand Mosque next to it which is a holy place for Muslims, A Big Armenian Church and of course Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

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Not far from Jerusalem is the Dead Sea, a place where you can enjoy in the the salty water relaxing on the sun. This salty water holds a lot of health benefits for the skin mostly, so many tourists come to put mud on their skin to make it smoother.


Masada Fortress


Masada is an ancient fortification in the Southern District of Israel situated on top of an isolated rock plateau, akin to a mesa, on the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea 20 kilometres east of Arad.. At the South of the country is one of the most beautiful places for scuba diving – Eilat ,  a city resort on the Red Sea.




At the end of this post I will write few words about Kinnerat and wonderful nature around the North of Israel. Mountains and rivers combine with lovely Galilee Sea, perfect for those who look for a nice scenery .

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Ace Milanov

Ace Milanov

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