Oct 23

The Raj Mahal Restaurant at the Oberoi Jaipur: This was our best Indian meal in India


We are vegetarians and India is a paradise for vegetarian travelers, still sometimes it is difficult to jump into such variety of dishes, flavors and spices. It can be very spicy hot or so exotic that may become difficult to grasp with fairness such a  rich cuisine.


The Raj Mahal at the Oberoi hotel offered us not only an amazing dining experience in a magical setting but a delicious selection of dishes that made us to love even more Indian Food.
The Oberoi Raj villas is located in Jaipur, one of the most beautiful destinations in India, but one has to be aware that the hotel is really outside the city. We were staying close to the airport so Uber became as a great alternative to get to the Oberoi, it took us around 40 minutes, but it was really worthwhile.


It is a magical property, one really feels like arriving to an ancient palace in the middle of nowhere. In fact, this is really a historical building. We loved the very special welcoming at the hotel, everybody (guests staying there and not) are welcomed equally with cold fresh towels and refreshing cold tea, we informed the personnel we want to eat at the restaurant and 5 minutes later we were seating at a beautiful hall decorated with exquisite taste and being served by amazingly friendly personnel.


We explained to the waiters that we were just getting to know Indian food and that we still had a little hard time with very spicy dishes, they recommended us a great selection of different dishes from different regions of India.
First we got a wonderful basket of breads and other delicacies, then our food came and we were really amazed by it, the flavor was amazing and the balance of the ingredients just perfect.

I think that the place made the experience even better, everything was excellent, those working there try hard to make guests feel at a palatial ambiance, without being snob or pretentious.


We were fascinated by the beauty of the property and once we finished our meal we told those at the reception we would love to see a little more of the hotel, once of them immediately volunteered to take us in a little tour of the property: that is service! And what a beautiful place, this hotel is one of a kind, the pool and the spa is incredible, each one of the rooms is surrounded by manicured gardens and fountains, it looks like a living museum, a place to relax and to be immersed in the richness of the local culture.
I think that a meal is not only about what one eats but about where we eat, and the Oberoi Jaipur offer a one of a kind setting to enjoy a very special Indian meal.



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