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The Oberoi Dubai



The Oberoi Hotel conjures up images of a pristine, far Eastern palace, as enchanting as the tales and sights of India are for travelers. The brand has distinguished itself across the globe with signature properties and experiences of high luxury. The Dubai property is no exception to this. Located within a few blocks and with a stunning view of the Burj Khalifa the address is singular and the delights are abundant.



The hotel is located in the business bay area of downtown Dubai. It is in a quadrant that is undergoing development, so don’t expect to walk out and immediately find things adjacent. Indeed one major design flaw in our opinion is that there really is no pedestrian entrance to the hotel. It seems the design is made only for taxi’s and cars, sidewalks around the property are unfinished or non existent. Still whether one would like to walk or drive, the Mall of The Emirates, Burj Khalifa and JW Marriott Marquis are only a few minutes away. Like many hotels in Dubai there is free valet parking.



The overall experience of personnel from start to finish is top notch. From the friendly doorman who greets you in a traditional outfit, to the towels and refreshing drinks, or sending guests on their way with cold bottles of water, the staff pay close attention to their guests needs. There is a dedicated butler service to each floor and the service is quick and effortless. Shoes are shined, details arranged and the room is kept in tip top shape. Everyone seems well trained and professional in their specific tasks. There is a strict no tipping policy which adds a very nice touch to the confidence of service one experiences.



The defining concept of rooms, from the best to the most basic is spacious. One might be first surprised that the lobby space and public areas of the hotel are not as big as other Dubai properties. The reason is that all the space is dedicated to the rooms. They are luxurious with massive comfy beds. The bathroom is large with a full tub and shower, separate walk in closet, living room TV, a work space, coffee and tea amenities and big floor to ceiling windows, some with Burj Khalifa views. The wifi is free as well. 



The lobby and ground floors of the hotel give access to an abundant selection of restaurants. Each has its own theme, style and cuisine. The 24 hour venue is called Nine7One (the UAE country code) The cuisines represented are Arabic, Asian, and Western. The views over the central courtyard with the peaceful trees and reflective pool give a sense of calmness with succulent treats to accompany the view. 

UMAI is the signature kitchen for Japanese cuisine, it has an open-plan kitchen offering delights like Sushi, Sashimi and Teppanyaki, Dim Sum and noodles can be found in abundance too. It is open for lunch and dinner everyday except saturdays. 

Ananta is the innovative spot to try Indian cuisine, it offers traditional decor and cooking styles, yet it is expansive and modern with a blended menu featuring India’s most famed dishes from top to bottom.

IRIS is a Restaurant and Lounge that is a separate establishment from the hotel. It gives a rooftop experience and it is the place for nighttime music, views and it is a happening scene for the city’s nightlife.




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