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The Avenues Mall: Kuwait City




Kuwait’s Largest shopping Mall is certainly a shopper’s paradise and a wonder to explore. As travelers to some of the world’s most impressive malls in and around the Middle East, The Americas, China and Southeast Asia, we can give our word that The Avenues captured our attention.



Mall Layout


The layout of the mall is certainly unique, it is massive and as its name implies one can wander down seemingly endless straight-aways that are intersected by various other “streets.” The city route set up is not all, the ceilings are massive with loads of sunlight pouring in and the décor is superb. There are upper floors in parts and the mall is put into themed sections such as a traditional souq, high end luxury, cuisine balconies, food court and various clothing and accessories.


Getting There


The Mall is best reached by taxi and one will certainly not have a problem finding one outside to get wherever you need to go. In this regard it is better to bring a taxi than your own car to avoid parking fees and hassle. A taxi ride in a street cab will cost 3 Dinhars from anywhere in Kuwait City. The Mall sits about halfway between the airport and the city, around the 5th ring road near the zoo.




The mall offers a total of 800 venues in which to find shopping goods. 200 of these are mid to high luxury international brands which can really impress a discerning shopper. Even for one not looking to spend much, the mall is an attraction to see how local people spend much of their leisure time. The stores are too many to list, but everyone is covered, men, women and children of all ages. There are many places for luxury items and accessories. Clothing stores have average prices and some excellent promotions depending on the season.


1st Avenue


Is home to an 11 screen Cinema, indoor and outdoor restaurants and café’s, is home to over 200 shops and is modeled on the formations of rocks, sky and sand dunes.


2nd Avenue


This area houses another 200 international brands, offers some great international food chains, is home to two Spas, offers entertainment and game centers for kids as well as a Carrefour Hypermarket.




This is the crown jewel of the mall. It is home to the finest brands and it is an architectural charm, full of refined stone, fountains, storefronts and palatial appointments. It hosts a world class shopping experience, high level cafes and a large ballroom.


Grand Avenue


The well lit and tree lined boulevard brings some of the world’s greatest shopping streets to an air conditioned indoors. It has a 2 storey zone as well as many new and one of a kind stores found no where else in the Middle East.


The Souk


Offers many traditional foodstuffs, restaurants, grooming facilities, a mosque and a recreation of an old time market in typical Kuwaiti fashion. Arabic specialties such as jewelry, handcrafts, antiques and spices are available.




This section of the mall is the place for the trendiest new fashions as well as modern design and creations. It is the site for sports apparel as well offering many spots for young people to interact with their peers in a sleek environment.



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