Nov 13

The 10 best destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve around the world



Thinking about places to celebrate New Years Eve? There are a lot! Each year more and more big cities around the world will put together amazing parties, great concerts and the ambiance that is needed to celebrate such an important occasion.


No one denies that there are some places where the fun is even bigger. We are presenting here a list of cities around the globe that have no shame in going big for celebrating  New Year’s Eve. In these destinations locals and visitors come together as one. There is no shortage of enjoyment with great music, impressive fireworks and idyllic locations.



These cities are located on five continents, so its no problem to choose a place from a different corner of the earth to celebrate each year. We at Traveladept.com have been lucky to be party to New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day in these wonderful cities. These places are quite safe, but like in any other big event one has to be prudent, especially if one is traveling abroad it is a good idea to take care of valuables and important documents such as passport and credit cards. Do not go out alone, and do not drink too much, just enough to celebrate! Of course be aware of local customs and laws. If one wants to be just in the center of the action it is important to be there early. The good thing is that in each one of these cities there is not only one place to celebrate, there is normally one big party in a most known place, but many other celebrations happen in different spots at the same time, just ask for recommendations from the locals, especially the concierge at your hotel. Where is our team headed this year to party for New Year’s Eve? Well that is a surprise! For now we invite you to click in the pictures below to discover these wonderful destinations, the best spots to celebrate New Year’s Eve around the world!


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