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Ten of the most amazing hotels in China

Shangri-La in Chengdu is one of these ten amazing properties

Shangri-La in Chengdu is one of these ten amazing properties

To choose 10 magnificent properties in China is not an easy task. This is really an incredible market with very high standards. New hotels are opened every year where style, design, first class facilities and attention to details are always the norm. This is a demanding sector, travelers in China expect much more from the same hotels there than anywhere else in the world. It is for this reason that it is common to see that hotels in this giant country are much better than in other places, offering excellent services and facilities.

It is said that this development in China is only in the initial stages and that the best is still coming. I hope so, because so far I have tremendously enjoyed the experience of visiting these amazing hotels and we are not talking only of locations in the main cities (certainly we have included here some great examples in places such as Beijing and Shanghai) but business and tourism travels have been extended to the whole country especially to second and third tier cities. We are introducing our readers to hotels located in the distant rural mountains neighboring Tibet, to amazing skyscrapers in Chengdu, to beautiful hotels in Guangzhou and even to the tropical paradise of Sanya.

It is kind of sad that China is still an unknown destination among westerners. There is a lot of ignorance about what is happening in China from the tourism and business perspective. One of the amazing aspects that most travelers should take advantage of is the tremendous affordability of hotels there and travels in general. I think that it is very hard to find any other place in the world where one can stay in luxury for such a good value.

We invite you to click on the pictures and to enjoy an impressive collection of ten of the most amazing hotels in China.



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