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Nov 21

Touring the Medina, the most essential piece of Tunis, Tunisia

  The North African cities are almost always centered around abundant and labrynthine marketplaces. These hallowed alleyways are the stalls for shops of produce, clothing, jewelry, hot meals and all of life’s necessities.   In the modern bustle of spread out cosmopolitan cities, most of the world has forgotten how pedestrian shopping, chatter and browsing …

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Nov 06

Taking a bus from Ankara airport to city center

The city of Ankara is easily reached by two distinct bus systems servicing between the airport and city center. These buses stop in several major spots in the city and are very easy to board. Tickets are purchasable from the driver.

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Oct 10

10 best destinations to learn Spanish in Latin America

  There is an old saying that the only way to truly learn a language is to speak it. This may sound obvious, but there is wisdom behind the idea. Learning a language is more that memorizing grammar rules, it is actually to become fully immersed in the traditions and the culture of the people …

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Sep 01

This may be the best pizza in the world: Braz Pizzeria from Sao Paolo

When you think of great, delicious pizza on a world class level, Italy, Chicago, New York probably come to mind. Sao Paolo Brazil may sound like an out of the way place, but it has the most pizzerias of any city and this strong tradition delivers a quality product which we can still taste even …

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Aug 18

Can Abu Dhabi be seen on a day trip from Dubai?

  Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the UAE and in recent years has seen growth equal to and even greater than Dubai.   Many tourists are now wishing to include it in their Dubai trip. Many wish to see it at least on a day trip excursion, is this a good use of time …

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