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Dec 26

How to make the most of Vienna Airport Austria

  Vienna International Airport is an excellent hub for connecting Europe with the rest of the world. Probably its best feature is that it is so well connected and yet feel very homey at the same time. Sure Munich or Frankfurt have even more connections, but they feel just massive. Vienna offers similar perks with …

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Dec 08

How to get from the main Bangkok Airport to Don Muang Airport

  Many travelers are currently looking for up to date information concerning how to transfer between Bangkok’s two airports: Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. In this travel tip we will explain the main way to get between both airports. Undoubtedly more people are now concerned with this transfer as Air Asia, the popular low cost airline …

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Aug 05

Entering Qatar with an Israeli stamp in the Passport

  A common worry for travelers who have visited Israel is if they will have any problem entering Qatar with an Israeli stamp in their passport.   This seems to be a problem that is slowly losing importance since at least in the international airport in Tel Aviv, Israeli authorities are no longer stamping passports …

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Jun 15

Everything you need to know about San Jose International Airport, Costa Rica

      Juan Santamaria Airport (SJO) is the main airport of Costa Rica and the port of entry through which most tourists and locals begin their passage. The airport is on the small scale but it is inspiringly clean, well run and greatly organised. It does have many connections to and from the United States …

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Feb 11

How to get from Don Muang airport to the city of Bangkok

    Even as Don Muang is now the secondary airport in Bangkok, there is still plenty of traffic coming in and out especially with the relocation of the low cost airlines to this hub. There is much discussion and disagreement online in our research as to how much one can expect to pay when …

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