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Aug 18

Entry tax changes for U.S. citizens entering Argentina

    U.S. Citizens used to be charged a hefty entry tax upon crossing into Argentina until March of 2016. At that time the reciprocity fee $160 USD was suspended for 90 days and it remains suspended for now until further government notice.

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Aug 05

Entering Qatar with an Israeli stamp in the Passport

  A common worry for travelers who have visited Israel is if they will have any problem entering Qatar with an Israeli stamp in their passport.   This seems to be a problem that is slowly losing importance since at least in the international airport in Tel Aviv, Israeli authorities are no longer stamping passports …

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Feb 11

How to get from Don Muang airport to the city of Bangkok

    Even as Don Muang is now the secondary airport in Bangkok, there is still plenty of traffic coming in and out especially with the relocation of the low cost airlines to this hub. There is much discussion and disagreement online in our research as to how much one can expect to pay when …

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Aug 25

Airline Review: China Eastern Airlines

    Recent trips in around and stopping over in China allowed us to access the services of China Eastern Airlines, a national carrier. The distinctive white planes have a red and blue stripe down the side culminating in the outline of a swallow bird. This is China’s second largest carrier and one of the …

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Aug 09

Korean Airlines Lounge Review: Kansai International Airport

  A recent trip from Osaka Japan allowed for us to experience the Korean Airlines Lounge in Kansai International Airport (KIX). This is the main airport for Osaka, Japan and the surrounding region with flights arriving from all over the world.

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