May 11

How to travel affordably from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok City Center



The quickest and most efficient way of reaching Bangkok’s central district and MTR intercity metro and BTS Skytrain is by taking the Airport Rail Link. The city is huge and the distance from the airport can be up to an hour in cabs and buses. While cabs and buses aren’t too expensive here, one may wish to avoid the packed buses and the fast and furious driving of the taxis on the major roadways. One in the downtown area the inner city skytrains and metro’s provide extensive and easy to use service.





There are three routes or types of trains one may take from the airport:


Phyathai Station is the most centrally located downtown station and it is the one most tourists will use. There is an express train option and a city line with stops.



Airport express Route:


This goes from Phayathai station directly to Suvarnabhumi International Airport with no stops. The ride takes 18 minutes and trains arrive every fifteen minutes from 06:00 till midnight. Fare is 150 Baht.

SA City Route:


This goes on the same route stopping along the way Phayathai > Rathchaprarop > Makkasan > Ramkhamhaeng > Hua Mark > Ban Thap Chang > Lat Krabang > Suvarnabhumi Airport
This route takes just 30 minutes and trains arrive every 15 minutes from 06:00 till Midnight. Total fare to the airport is 45 baht, less if getting off at one of the stations in between.



Makkasan Station is another place where one can catch a non-stop train to and from the airport. It is handy if one is staying closer to this station, but most of the major downtown hotels are best reached from Phayathai. Trains here depart every fifteen minutes and the journey is fifteen minutes.



Tickets for these lines can be purchased at the airport ticket counters on the first floor by where the trains depart, it is all clearly marked. Tickets at the individual stations can be purchased from cashiers or electronic machines. Any prepaid smart passes for this line that one gets are not compatible with the other city transit methods.




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