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Everything you need to know to visit St Tropez in France: We just got back from there!

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St Tropez is an stylish destination located in the famous Cote d’Azur on the French Riviera. For years this has been the hang out of the rich and famous of France and the world. During our road trip in the South of France we made a stop in St. Tropez and found in it a beautiful town packed with world class visitors and endless shopping venues.


It is possible to use Nice airport or Marseille to get there by plane, both airports are quite distant from St Tropez. We rented a car and preferred to avoid the highways for two reasons: we don’t like paying the expensive French tolls and we prefered to enjoy the drive through the colorful coastal towns.

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Parking is easy and not very expensive. The parking lot just outside the center of the village near the port seems to be the best option, it is affordable and easy to get in and out. One still have to walk around 10 minutes but during high seasons the streets are so packed that it is better to walk than to drive.


Be mindful of traffic jams, as we just said during the high seasons of summer traffic can be quite painful. There are several good hotels in the village but they can be very expensive. During winter it is possible to find better deals and the weather is still wonderful. Most visitors prefer to stay in hotels in the nearby towns, other option is to rent for the night one of the many luxurious yachts stationed at the marina.

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There is no shortage of restaurants, and it is possible to find good affordable dinning venues. If one wants to splurge there are expensive ones as well, but being savvy one would enjoy a great lunch or dinner without emptying ones pockets.


In a place with such luxury it is possible find almost any imaginable luxury brand. There are sales during certain times of the year but this may not be the best place to shop at affordable prices but yes the best place to find whatever is trendy and beautiful in the world of fashion.

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Probably the best way to experience St Tropez is just to walk around, and enjoy the favorite sport of locals: people watching. The tiny streets, the historic churches, the manicured gardens and the lovely houses are some of the many things to enjoy. The small piazzas are packed with painters and other artists. Some of the most refined cafes, bars and restaurants are along the beach front. St Tropez is a town with a great night vibe. After the beautiful sunsets visitors and locals turn to the many nightlife venues from the luxurious yachts to discos and nightclubs.

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St Tropez continues being a trendy destination, one that is visited by the rich and famous of the world. They go there to shop, to dine, to enjoy the nightlife or just to be seen. In spite of that it is a destination that with good planning can be included in the itinerary of any savvy traveler. It is really beautiful and a great place to experience.


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