Feb 28

Top Ten destinations to visit this spring: #3 Park City, Utah USA



Spring in Park City Utah was our first introduction to the place. Locals call it mud season because the warming and sunny days begin to melt the mountain snow. It is also referred to as shoulder season because it bridges the gap between the busy winter sports season and summer months.


What’s so great about Spring here? Many of the ultra-luxury hotels have low occupancy, affordable rates (compared to the high season prices) and the mild weather is refreshing enough to wear a light jacket while exploring the rugged and impressive nature.


One might imagine that coming in this time of the year would be to miss many of the renowned attractions. Of course the ski slopes are usually out of snow and some restaurants and hotels close down for a few weeks, but much of the town’s infrastructure stays open. The perks far outweigh the disadvantages: no lines in the grocery stores and shopping centers, the outlet malls are offering good discounts, especially on winter clothing and in the hotels you are waited on by an eager and more well rested staff.


Park City is located around a 40 minute drive from Salt Lake City International Airport. Renting a car is a good idea as it will give you a fast means of arrival via the good highways as well as the ability to explore the various hotels, mountains, trails and attractions in town. The city itself is made up of a historic district with charming main street shops, churches and homes as well as major ski resorts and hotel venues found in surrounding mountains and valleys. 


When visiting in Spring one should certainly try and take advantage of the often good rates in resorts like the St Regis, the Waldorf Astoria and Montage. The free tram going around main street is a great way to explore the town proper, hours of hiking, good golf courses and well defined mountain trails will lead to panoramic views & encounters with wildlife.





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