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Sofitel Taba Heights, Egypt

Sofitel taba Heights mainThe beauty of Egypt’s Red Sea is that it offers so much no matter where along the 1250km stretch from Suez to Sudan one might be, there are luxurious hotels and pristine views of sea and desert awaiting the discerning traveler. Sofitel in Taba Heights is quite a memorable place which consistently draws guests back to its shores year after year, even with so much competition around.

The first thing one can say about this site is that it is enormous. There are five hotels in all on this mega complex called Taba Heights and the nice perk is that guests can enjoy restaurants and long trails, day trip packages, Sofitel Taba Heights Bedouin tentsports and town center shopping in the entire complex. There are shuttles which bring guests to and from the various hotels all day.

Hotel impression:

First approaching the Sofitel it clearly stands out. Its bright pink domes and walls stand out in contrast with the desert brown and clear blue skies surrounding the coast. The staff are personable and friendly with guests from the start. There is a professional animation team which organizes on site activities all during the day, as well as the many off site trips available. Every room has a sea view and balcony, an amenity not easily found on the Red Sea Riviera. There are 442 rooms overall of which 269 have a deluxe sea view The layout is curvy with lots of gardens, pools and a 500km beach.

Asofitel Taba Heights golf coursemenities:

There is a fitness center and spa which includes sauna, Jacuzzi, massage and aerobics. There are plenty of dive sites, snorkeling areas, camel rides, beach volleyball and tennis courts.The overall architecture is oriental and the central blue dome in the lobby is one of the most unique features we’ve seen on this coast. There are seven restaurants and bars for a variety of international cuisine. The paths connecting all the beaches makes for a very runner friendly loop.

Excursions and activities:

On site activities enjoy all the benefits of being in Taba Heights. An 18 hole John Sanford golf course as well as diving facilities and boat excursions out into the Red Sea. One advantage of being here in Taba is that Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are all just around the coastal bend. Thus there are excursions regularly to Jerusalem, Petra and Sinai. The area in general is much quieter than Sharm el Sheikh.

sofitel Taba Heights

Picture courtesy of Accor hotels



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