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Getting into Sofia, Bulgaria from the airport

Sofia Airport in Bulgaria offers well marked and easy connections to the city proper

Sofia Airport in Bulgaria offers well marked and easy connections to the city proper


Sofia is an increasingly popular place to explore as Bulgaria is ramping up its international tourist appeal and making its mark in Europe with attractive prices, good hotels, impressive parks and historic landmarks. Anyone looking to move from the airport to the city will fund a range of abundant options for good prices.


City Bus:


By far the most affordable method of getting to the city is to take the public bus that arrives to the airport. It is bus number 84. This bus stops directly outside both terminals and is easy to spot. Purchase a ticket inside the terminal from a newspaper stand and be aware that you are requested to purchase another ticket should your luggage be larger than 40/40/60 cm.  The bus is not full at the start which means one can get a good seat, but it does fill up on the way into town. You will ride between 30 and 40 minutes along one of the main boulevards, passing shopping centers, new towers and old apartment complexes. Indications for stops are best confirmed by having a map with you. Once you arrive to the Sofia University stop you can grab the handy metro to any part of town or get on one of the many trams and buses, which crisscross the city. The airport buses run around 3 times per hour between 5 am and 9 am and again between 4pm and 8pm.




Taxis are the other alternative to getting into town. Be sure and go with one of the taxi desks inside the terminal to get an official receipt and confirm that the driver knows where you are headed. Rates should be quite affordable and this is the only real option in the hours outside the bus service. Do not accept any taxi rides from people who approach you outright in the terminal.


Car Rental:


For those looking to explore Sofia and maybe even beyond a car rental is a great idea. Gas is average for European prices and car rentals are very well priced. Here one can easily rent for several days for something around $50 total. Driving in Sofia is not too hectic, but more than anything it will be best to have a GPS to navigate the many streets. One can find all the car rental desks together in the arrivals terminal.




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