Nov 14

Snowdonia: Welsh landscapes of rare beauty



Ancient and timeless landscapes have the power to transport the most sophisticated among us to the basics of beauty. Man made beauty is certainly worth traveling to see, but equally so are the portraits mother nature has painted. Snowdonia has a unique combination of jagged granite peaks, coastline, moors, castles and cottages with picturesque farmhouses. Most of all, almost any hike will take one to a place of great panoramic perspective.


Getting there:

Roadways and Railways are the most accessible ways of getting around the national park. High functioning Airports are really only close to major cities like Cardiff and Manchester. Traws-Cambria is the major bus service which serves larger towns, smaller towns and more isolated areas may have little to no service. The A55 and M54 are major roadways upon which one can branch out into the countryside. The scenic hills have many classic rail lines which move through the countryside in historic railway cars along with many new ones as well. Snowdon Mountain Railway departs from Llanbernis seasonally in summer and makes the major trek up Mount Snowdon.


National Park:

The entire area of Snowdonia is a National Park, but one in which people live work and operate on a daily basis. small villages and farms make up the area as much as the wild regions of fields, mountains and trees. The area is home to the largest peak in England and Wales as well as 823 square miles of diverse landscapes. There are no fees for entering and exiting the park area.


Scenic towns: The area has many towns with centuries of history and a fascinating character. Among those which impress visitors are Betws y Coed and Beddgelert. Much of the landscape has shaped the livelihood of towns in these parts. Many people speak Welsh and one can easily find traditions, food, customs and typical feasts indicative of the more classic culture. Small towns are also where the local mining population comes from, so there is a rough and ready approach to life, that is as well tempered by a unique cultural friendliness.



Many leisurely and some challenging opportunities about in this natural habitat. Walking, hiking and mountain trekking are relatively easy and rewarding. However some cliffs and peaks require stamina. The general amount of clouds and rainfall can make paths and rocky promontories slippery at various times. Larger events such as bike rides and the annual Snowdonia Marathon bring outdoors enthusiasts and lovers of sport into the scenic area as well. Watersports are very popular as this area has as many impressive lakes as it does mountains.




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