Sep 13

Airport Review: Salt Lake City International Airport



While many people might not find themselves headed to Salt Lake City directly for a vacation or business, it is a major connecting airport that routes flights from the West Coast to the Mountain and Midwestern regions of the United States. Overall it is a pleasant airport with good amenities and a nice place to spend some time waiting for the next connection.


The Salt Lake City Airport is not the newest or trendiest place for airport design and architecture, but it is spotlessly clean and well organized. In fact after having connected it makes one want to come back with Salt Lake City as the destination, to see what else this city holds. Delta is a major operator at this airport hosting over 74% of the daily traffic and six other major carriers operate here too. The airport ranks in the top 100 busiest in the world bringing in over 20 million passengers in 2012. The major international non stop flight is Delta from Salt Lake City to Paris.


Domestic flights come into three distinct concourses, which are connected by a very scenic pedestrian walkway that overlooks the gates and runway. All around the clear desert skies allow one to see stunning peaks in the distance and the greenery of the shores near the great salt lake. The highlight of the airport is this walkway. It has lots of little café style tables at which one can charge a computer and set up everything for a delightful lunch which feels like a personalized kitchen table. It is entertaining to watch the crowds go by or the flights coming in or out.


For those who smoke there are designated smoking lounges which are clean and tastefully placed so as not to disturb non smokers. The Delta Skyclub on site is wll maintained and spacious, a good way to spend a longer layover, but the airport itself is set up well enough to provide comfortable ways to pass the time. The airport in part owes its renovated state to the Winter Olympics of 2002 which gave it a good overhaul. There is free wifi in the airport which is easily accessed and an abundance of charging stations and power outlets which is much appreciated.  There is even an onsite language translation service which can be helpful for tourists or people connecting. The airport also hosts a major art collection which has been ongoing since the late 1970’s.


Currently the airport is in the beginning stages of expansion. A new terminal is being planned and uniquely enough the airport website is inviting people to give feedback and suggestions as to what they would like to see in the new terminal.  The dining options range from fast food stands to some fresh market stands which offer a good selection of salads, sandwiches, fruits and vegetables. The overall ambience of the airport is efficient and relaxed. Flights come in and out on time regularly, weather is generally very good and the overall layout is easy to navigate.





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