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Shopping sites in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt



As Sharm El Sheikh has defined itself as the biggest and best Red Sea destination in Egypt, its infrastructure in roads, airport and shopping has kept good pace with the number of hotel rooms on offer. Tourists to this corner of the desert need not fear a lack of things to do. There’s certainly plenty of outdoor activities supplied by the desert and the sea, but the markets new and old provide some great shopping too. Here is a list of several places where one can find cultural oddities as well as tourist products and everything in between.


Il Mercato

An Italian style town square with plazas and cafe’s might not seem to fit in, but this is one of the more popular spots for visitors to dine and shop in the Sharm El Sheikh area. This particular shopping area is most closely located to the hotels in Naama Bay. It is a few kilometers outside the old town, but it can easily be reached via taxi or on one of the buses which circulate the shopping centers. Il Mercato has the highest concentration of big name brands and often hosts good sales especially in the off season. It has many popular fast food eateries and well known labels like Starbucks.


SOHO Square 

This shopping center is the kind of must see place any visitor to Sharm will at least take a walk through. It has been built up over the years but it stands out as a place to find something for everyone, brand shopping as well as tiny souvenir shops, street food as well as sit down restaurants and bars with dancing till law every night. The open air complex has lots of pedestrian friendly walkways and services such as free wifi, free shuttle service to select locations as well as duty free shopping. There are places to play sports, ice skate and be entertained by shows and presentations.


Old Market Sharm

Even when it is also commercialized the oldest part of Sharm el Sheikh has the feel of a typical Egyptian market. Authentic goods are interspersed with the touristy trinkets for sure, but if you are looking to find some genuine copper work, spices, medallions, jewelry or to have a good time haggling with shopkeepers and joining them for coffee afterwards this is the place to enjoy it. The market flows at a different pace than the other shopping centers and it has a good feel of authenticity. 









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