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A view of the Sheraton Krakow Hotel in Poland




This hotel is a dominant figure in the hotel scene of Krakow Poland. It is uncommon in historic European cities especially to find a combination of a good locale, excellent amenities, a historic property and affordability all in one spot. Yet the Sheraton in Krakow captures them all quite well, making for a most pleasant stay.


Anyone bound for Krakow is sure not to be disappointed by the historic cityscape. Wawel castle with its museums, palaces and churches is a tour to remember and the pedestrian friendly downtown is full of antique squares, old markets, fascinating eateries and medieval sites. What’s great about all this is that all of it is just mere minutes walking from the well located Sheraton. The building itself is the compilation of an old brewery and a palatial space that enjoys a serene view of the city’s Wisla river and Wawel castle.


From the moment one approaches the Sheraton it comes off as quite modern and stylish. The hotel is eight years old but has been continually maintained in order to preserve a fresh and elegant look. From the moment of check in it became apparent that all of the staff had an excellent work ethic and a good concept of service. The room we booked was a club level accommodation. The price was excellent for a European hotel and the inclusion of breakfast, lounge access and other amenities made it worthwhile. The bedroom was a bit larger than a standard European room. The bed was delightfully comfortable, the furniture stately and firm, the window views excellent. The overall décor was classical European with rich tones of red and yellow. Amenities were easily accessible with turn down service and complementary Nespresso.


The rooms of the hotel surround an inner open atrium. This gives a great sense of grandiosity, an inclusion of natural light and allows for an excellent use of public space. The ground floor of this open area is divided into a restaurant called The Olive featuring signature Polish and Mediterranean cuisine and is the site of the daily breakfast. The other portion of space is a relaxing lounge bar wherein guests can enjoy a refined evening atmosphere and live relaxing music.


The executive lounge is a major plus and is highly recommended for its ambiance and access to delicacies  throughout the day. It sits on the first floor on a little outcrop overlooking the wide open atrium of the hotel. It is stocked with drinks and snacks all day, features good wireless connections, TV, magazines and work spaces. There is a lunch and dinner spread available at appointed times each day as well.


The hotel has a small gym, sauna and pool in the basement level. The health club is certainly tinier than most hotels of this size, but everything is maintained in good working order and the staff make an excellent effort to see that you get what you need. As a central city hotel this is a prime spot for business travelers, discerning tourists, and company’s and programs hosting events. It is certainly one of Krakow’s most respected addresses and merits a stellar recommendation for its dedication to service, standards and functionality. Overall the Sheraton Krakow Hotel is a great option to enjoy a blend of classical and contemporary experiences in the midst of charming and exceptional Krakow.





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