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The museum of natural history: the newest attraction you don’t want to miss in Shanghai

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When traveling we find it a challenge to divide time between the place where where are staying, the city’s cultural and historic attractions and often day trips and monumental excursions. As a result we don’t always have time for museums because they are time consuming and it feels like you can see a museum at home anytime.


Museum of Natural History

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There are museums that get such renown and fame that we cannot help but see what all the fuss is about and this was certainly the case on our most recent trip to Shanghai. The natural history museum was just opening and it is a marvel in itself as a world class structure, let alone the 10,000 artifacts found inside from all seven continents. The entire space resembles plant and animal cells in the award winning design. layers, levels, super modern natural lighting systems, geothermal heating and an intentional use of space will make this building on its own fascinating if you have the slightest interest in architecture.

Museum Logistics

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The museum can be located in Jing’an cultural park in Shanghai. It is easily accessible by all forms of public transit buses and as we found with the line 13 of the metro an easily navigable spot. It is closed on Mondays but open every other day from 9:00-17:15. (Tickets are sold from 8:55 to 16:30) Adults can expect to pay CNY 30 and children CNY 12. Sometimes it can get quite crowded and so there may be a delay of ticket sales so always go with an alternative plan.


What to expect

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There are five floors total with two above ground and three below. Guests proceed from the street level above down to the last floor. There are 4D theaters, interactive displays, geology, anthropology and virtually any area of science represented.

One floor explores the Mystery of Origins covering life and forces in the universe. The River of Life shows the vastness of flora and fauna in the entire range of life on Earth. Then there is a demonstration of the Evolution of Life and the challenges facing the current ecology. One of the coolest recreations is an African grassland display which is so lifelike and well done it left us feeling like we were strolling in the Savannah.




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