Apr 11

Transiting through Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam


I frequently find divided opinions among travelers about airports themselves. Some love the experience of wandering around and watching people, others think airports are kind of impersonal spaces. I myself think of airports as necessary places, maybe not the most welcoming or entertaining, but I prefer it when airports are nice and offer more than being just a building. This is the case of Schiphol international airport in Amsterdam.

It is the main international airport serving Netherlands and the hub for KLM the national flag carrier and a huge airline serving hundreds of destinations around the world. This is not the first time I am connecting trough Schiphol, in fact each time that I transit here I discover something new. This is an airport that has been well made, excellently designed and it is amazingly run, one that breaths efficiency all around.

schiphol3Approaching the building, just after landing one gets the impression of a rather functional space, many airplanes from around the world go and come, in fact this is one of the busiest airports in the world.

Once inside the place is bustling with people, but certainly everything is run in a very smooth way, the crowds seems to flow with no problem, there are many agents helping to direct passengers. This is a huge airport, but when circulating through the many terminals one gets the feeling of being more in a big shopping center. In fact some of the best shopping of any airport in Europe can be done here. Surprisingly prices are quite attractive and the quality and luxury do not upset the most demanding traveler.

There are as well many good dining options, from uncomplicated cafes to luxurious restaurants. It is possible even to spend the night in the onsite hotel in the international transit area. Connections run fast and even immigration agents at the border seem to do a good job so one doesn’t have to wait too long in line.

Something which attracts me the most in Schiphol is that this is really a passenger friendly airport. There are many areas for relaxation. I have been particularly impressed this time with the library, It is a public space that schiphol4provides reading opportunities, tablets loaded with music and documentaries, spaces for kids and even a baby care lounge, together with other corners that offer art expositions or quiet areas to take a nap in very comfortable chairs. Everything is open for use without charge for passengers transiting here.

There are around the terminals other corners that provide comfortable seating to recline and rest or simply enjoy watching the planes.

I am quite happy every time that I connect in Schiphol, I feel that more airports should be like this. No one enjoys arriving to a cramped, disorganized and overcrowded building after a long trip. Indeed Schiphol is always one of my first calls when I am connecting in Europe.

The Library at the airport.

The Library at the airport.


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